Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos - #60 - 51

Lily goes country!

Welcome to the halfway point of the countdown! After today we're in Top 50 territory, the best of the best... of the best. At this moment we're still just looking at the best of the best.

#60 - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (1994)
by Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf's vision of Beauty and the Beast was surprisingly good. But it was the 90s... everything was good in the 90s. Everything. Anyway, in this version Meat Loaf plays the Beast as a fugitive being hunted down by the po-po. Beauty sees that he's rolling in money and fancy jewels so she's keen as keen could be, tracking Meat to his haunted mansion. She then has a bath. As you do. Then Dracula's vampire brides show up. At this point the narrative is spiralling out of control... Still, good clip, right?

Best Moment: Beauty and the now non-Beast on the motorcycle at the end.  

#59 - It's Like That (1997)
by Run DMC vs Jason Nevins

Boys vs girls breakdance war!

Best Moment: White-fro goes mental. What's up with that?

#58 - Not Fair (2009)
by Lily Allen

Ah, Lily Allen aka Rirry Arren. Lily steps back to the 70s for an episode of the Porter Wagoner Show. Everyone wins. A well executed, very cool idea.

Best Moment: Not really a moment, but the bored backing band is priceless. 

#57 - Always (1994)
by Bon Jovi

Despite everyone's awful, awful hair, 'Always' remains an awesome rock music video. The main guy's such a fool for cheating on the original Silk Spectre with Felicty.

Best Moment: Carla Gugino waves goodbye... a wise choice. 

#56 - Paranoid Android (1997)
by Radiohead

Who doesn't love a good animated video? The story we get with 'Paranoid Android' is messed up, but somehow manages to be the perfect fit for the song.

Best Moment: Ping-pong with the angel.

#55 - Running Up That Hill (1985)
by Kate Bush

I was impressed when I saw Alanis Morissette dancing in 'So Pure.' Words fail when describing the feeling of watching Kate Bush dance. You could say she's mesmerizing, enchanting, magical... all that jazz works. But then she's also so much more. Never underestimate the talent that is Kate Bush.

Best Moment: Bush attempts to break through the crowds of people... wearing her face!

#54 - Work It (2002)
by Missy Elliott

She's music video royalty, always offering something fresh and new. 'Work It' was one of her many masterpieces, mixing cool visuals with fun dancing and a healthy dose of humour. It's not Missy's best, but it comes close.

Best Moment: "Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster?"

#53 - Oops!... I Did It Again (2000)
by Britney Spears

Served with the finest of cheese, 'Oops!... I Did It Again' is the definition of so bad, it's good. Actually it's not good... it's awesome!

Best Moment: "Well, baby, I went down and got it for you." Yes, yes, YES!

#52 - Bachelorette (1997)
by Bjork

Michel Gondry, anyone? This totally reminds me of the time I found a book buried deep in the ground and it started writing my story. I think it was called The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down The Neverending Story.

Best Moment: My Story: The Musical!

#51 - Knights of Cydonia (2006)
by Muse

It's cowboys... in the future... or something. Whatever, it's pretty rad.

Best Moment: Once, twice, three slaps... and she'll sleep with you?

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