Friday, 25 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #70 - 61

Don't be fooled... she's willing to throw you through a window!

It's Friday, Friday!! Let's get down... with some awesome videos!

#70 - Stupid Girl
by Garbage

Perfect. That's how Shirley Manson looks in this film clip. Absolutely perfect.

Best Moment: 0.43... perfect! 

#69 - Sunchyme
by Dario G

I love this video. I loved it when I was much (much) younger and I still love it now... it's people and they're dressed and acting like animals! Everyone does such a good job at acting out their animal, except for the lion and zebra that pretty much start making out. That's so unrealistic. Or is it?

Best Moment: The watering hole dance party!

#68 - Sleep To Dream
by Fiona Apple

It's like we get front row seats to Fiona's descent into madness. Awesome!

Best Moment: Apple's trippy dancing against the green wall. 

#67 - Hysteria (2003)
by Muse

You kind of get the feeling like something bad's about to happen and then you realise something bad's already happened. Justin Theroux stalks a prostitute, invites her to his hotel room, goes all Chris Brown on her and precedes to have a massive rock star hissy fit. Yep, he trashes the hotel room. That's a rock star hissy fit. The mental breakdown of the video's star is epic.

Best Moment: Rock star hissy fit. If only we could all trash the hotel room.

#66 - Ex-Girlfriend (2000)
by No Doubt

Hype Williams has directed videos for some of the biggest hip hop and R&B stars of all time. TLC, Missy Elliott, Beyonce... Ke$ha? 'We R Who We R' wasn't a high point for Hype, but 'Ex-Girlfriend' certainly was. Directing for a prominent pop-rock act making their huge comeback must have been a daunting task, pushing Williams out of his usual comfort zone. Luckily for us, he nailed it, sending a vengeful Gwen Stefani on her way to take down an ex.

Best Moment: Tough one... Gwen's man strut, or ninja-Gwen in the men's room? Ninja-Gwen it is. 

#65 - A Thousand Miles (2002)
by Vanessa Carlton

So I think the piano-mobile is cute... what of it? If you could drive a piano, you would. It appears to be eco-friendly and everyone loves things that are eco-friendly. Another really fun concept that someone should be congratulated for thinking up.

Best Moment: When the piano-mobile returns at the end, mum (aka mom) and dad don't notice... or more likely don't care. They're clearly boozed. 

#64 - Without Me
by Eminem

Doesn't this make you miss when Eminem was funny? Lose the full-time super serious act!!

Best Moment: The Sandy Messy Lezbial Show.

#63 - Boys Don't Cry
by The Cure

Such a cheap concept, but it works so well.

Best Moment: 1:44 Robert Smith can be terrifying. 

#62 - So Pure
by Alanis Morissette

Alanis and Benvolio do some dancing for 3 minutes. Alanis remains amazing, proving she can seemingly do anything (except pull off platinum hair... yikes!). P.s. I hope someone got that Benvolio reference.

Best Moment: Black-and-white swing dancing. They look so happy!

#61 - Ava Adore
by Smashing Pumpkins

It's like one of those old side-scrolling video games, but with Billy Corgan!

Best Moment: I can't get over how cool the mental hospital scene right at the start is. Those visuals are what I go to whenever I think of the Smashing Pumpkins. 

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