Thursday, 24 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #80 - 71

Alanis: There's someone in the back of your car! Ironic? No.

Girl groups, rock stars, dance acts, indie beauties and *le sigh* an emo band; you can look forward to seeing videos from these types of peeps right here, right now. P.s. you know a sigh means something when it's in French.

#80 - Hey Ya! (2003)
by OutKast

Sometimes the MTV Video Music Awards get it right. Like in 2004, when 'Hey Ya!' walked away with Video of the Year for its innovative homage to the Beatles' famed performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Best Moment: The girls get out their cameras and literally shake it like a polaroid picture. 

#79 - Learn To Fly
by Foo Fighters

\Picking your favourite character is too hard. Is it Dave Grohl's obsessed teen (girl) fan? Actually, yes... yes it is. Why? 2.13 people.

Best Moment: 2.13... that's all I'll say. So wrong. So right. 

#78 - Romeo (2001)
by Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx goes Bollywood for 'Romeo.' Not the most expected move, but it works so well and the final product is a fun look at the most colourful film industry in the world.

Best Moment: The opening dance sequence. In the words of the mighty Rebecca Black, "fun, fun, fun."  

#77 - If I Know You (2009)
by The Presets

Director Eva Husson redefined the term 'dancing in the street' with her breathtaking video for 'If I Know You.' At the start you're just wondering if our main character is having some spasms and then...

Best Moment: They weren't just spasms. They were dance spasms! Which is really just a fancy way for saying he starts dancing down the Hollywood walk of fame. It's a cool sequence. 

#76 - Viva Forever
by Spice Girls

Shut up. It's a cool concept; the Spice Girls are evil fairy monsters that kidnap young boys. Why do they do it? Because they're evil! Start paying attention. You didn't actually think this was some sweet, innocent video... did you?

Best Moment: The hours spent wondering how the Spice Girls escaped the rubik's cube. So, most of this has been sarcastic (for the three of you who couldn't tell), but I really do think the idea was awesome.

#75 - Heavy In Your Arms (2010)
by Florence + The Machine

Who killed Florence Welch? That's the mystery surrounding 'Heavy In Your Arms' and while we don't get a clear resolution, we do get this beautifully shot, black-and-white video.

Best Moment: Not really a moment, but the image of Florence (dead?) lying on the cellar floor, still singing of course, will stick with you.

#74 - All the Small Things (2000)
by Blink-182

The obvious thing to say is... "how cool, it makes fun of Britney Spears and boy bands." But this quote from Tom DeLonge is so much better; "We want to do a video that's like, directly like a boy band video, because we figure we're just as hot and we look good wet and we dance and we can fit in tight clothes just like everyone else, you know?" Outstanding.

Best Moment: 2.10 Yep... he's sitting on a toilet. 

#73 - When You Were Young
by The Killers

Mexican love stories are the best.

Best Moment: The cuts between our lady lead, following her husband's betrayal, walking down the street in tears and the happiness on her wedding day. 

#72 - Ironic
by Alanis Morissette

I wish I could go on a road-trip... with three other Matt Bond's.

Best Moment: Alanis checks her mirror and sitting in the back is... Alanis! But does she freak out? No. She rocks out!

#71 - Helena
by My Chemical Romance

I respect good ideas (and secretly like the song, but tell anyone and I will end you), and Helena's return to the land of the living to dance at her funeral is a really good idea. Admittedly, Gerard Way bawling his eyes out is a major turn-off, but even that can't stop this video from being pretty damn cool, you know... for an emo band.

Best Moment: Really? Helena's return to the land of the living.

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