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Top 100 Music Videos, #90 - 81

Breathe with me...

Welcome back to It's My Kind of Scene's music video bonanza... or countdown. Whatever. Last time we saw clips from a huge range of music superstars like Marilyn Manson and Kylie Minogue. Who's next up to the plate? Let's find out!

#90 - What's A Girl To Do? (2007)
by Bat For Lashes

I love long-take music videos almost as much as I love the sudden appearances of animal people riding bicycles. Natasha Khan delivers both of these things in the 'What's A Girl To Do?' video... and she does it well. It might not have the super polished look (or love of The Karate Kid) that 'Daniel' has, but it remains a personal favourite.

Best Moment: BAM! Bike riding animal people. From where? From whence?

#89 - Dancing In The Street (1985)
by David Bowie and Mick Jagger

Come on... look at how much fun they're having! And it was for charity. Good times. Of course I wasn't alive then... but I've heard that they were good times. Anyone?

Best Moment: 2.18 - Bowie gives Jagger the stink eye.

#88 - ...Baby One More Time (1998)
by Britney Spears

Oh, that schoolgirl outfit... fulfilling many a creepy old perv's fantasies and pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable teen sexuality further than anyone anticipated. It also made an overnight icon out of one Britney Spears. You may or may not have heard of her. MTV loved it so much that when they ended the iconic TRL show (in favour of the crappy reality programs you love), it's final and #1 music video was '...Baby One More Time.'

Best Moment: When the Principal starts dancing... gets me every time.

#87 - Top of the World (2003)
by Dixie Chicks

Good acting? Check. Powerful story about ending the cycle of domestic abuse? Yep, it's got that. Ability to maintain your interest for SIX MINUTES? Heck yes! Watch this video.... now.

Best Moment: In three different time-lines, the mothers make and sit down for a cup of tea. Good editing.

#86 - Breathe (1996)
by The Prodigy

Crazy meth-addicted punk lets loose while the tribal dude next door gets ready to eat you. Did I mention there's also a crocodile?

Best Moment: Maxim's appearance right at the start of the video. Sometimes I wish I could glide like that... and scare the poop out of people.

#85 - Good Enough (2007)
by Evanescence

For a song that got little to no mainstream attention, 'Good Enough' delivers a pretty awesome video. The special effects are top notch, Amy Lee looks better than ever and luckily she wasn't harmed in the making of the clip. In case you didn't notice, there was a FIRE! Lucky the house had no roof and that rain arrived in time. Very lucky.

Best Moment: The first drop of rain's journey from Lee's cheek to the piano key.

#84 - Big Jet Plane (2010)
by Angus and Julia Stone

Perhaps an odd choice to some, but I really think that the video for 'Big Jet Plane' fits perfectly with the tone of the song. It's also a perfectly relatable video for anyone facing the depression harbinger that is retail. This isn't an exciting video and given the nature of the song, it really shouldn't be. Props to the director for capturing the, um... essence (?) of the song.

Best Moment: Imagination bowling. If you've ever worked in a department store, you'll have done something similar, most likely pretending that you're destroying many of the items for sale in the store.

#83 - 1979 (1996)
by Smashing Pumpkins

Speaking of videos that perfectly sum up the tone of the song, '1979' ladies and gentlemen! Fun fact, the video had to be re-shot in its entirety after the original tapes were lost... because someone forgot that they were on top of their car. Things you try not to forget are on the top of your car?

Best Moment: Soda bowl! So I like bowling... what of it?

#82 - Sweet Dreams (1983)
by Eurythmics

Annie Lennox is going to take over the world... and there ain't nothing that's going to stand in her way.

Best Moment: Cello playing with the cows! Sounds like a cool TV show, no?

#81 - What You Waiting For? (2004)
by Gwen Stefani

"You're a stu- You're a stupid... ho." Outstanding. As is the rest of our introduction to solo-Gwen and her amazing Harajuku girls. The lazy eyed photo is a real laugh out loud moment too. Then the crazy begins with a trip to Stefaniland as Gwen takes on the roles of Alice, the Red Queen and the White Queen. Brilliant.

Best Moment: Do you set your watch a little fast? Are you a member of a royal family? Hedgehogs live in hedges... true or false? Such a good questionnaire.

Same time tomorrow?

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