Sunday, 20 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, Honourable Mentions

Backstreet's Back... and they vant to suck... your blood.

Promo clip. Illustrated song. Filmed insert. The music video has had more names than you'd probably care to know over the years, especially in the days before Music TeleVision. But we're not here to take a look at the historical timeline the naming process of the music video has taken, we're here to look at 100 of the greatest music videos of all time. "But how would you rank such a list?" you ask, face scrunched up in a mixture of bewilderment and possible need to take a bathroom break. Well, how kind of you to ask. I can wait until you get back though. Run along... take your time.

You're back? Good. To answer your question, this is a countdown, much like It's My Kind of Scene's Top 100 of the 1980s, that is based solely on personal opinion of the writing staff. Don't worry, I've got really (REALLY) good taste. What of the other writing staff? Don't be ridiculous, there are no 'other writing staff.' We'll be looking at all sorts over the next eleven posts; big budget music videos, famous film directors, budget music videos, no-name directors. It's gonna be awesome! Before we kick off the official top 100, we're going to look at ten honourable mentions to get you in the mood for the goodness that's to come. Get excited!

Honourable Mentions

One In A Million (2002)
by Bodyjar

Ball Room #1? Classic.

Paparazzi (2009)
by Lady Gaga

Unfinished Sympathy (1991)
by Massive Attack

Zero (2009)
by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Bones (2006)
by The Killers

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (1997)
by Backstreet Boys

Triumph (1997)
by Wu Tang Clan

Always On This Line (2007)
by Sarah Blasko

Get Ur Freak On (2001)
by Missy Elliott

Human Behaviour (1993)
by Bjork

You should probably get used to seeing Missy Elliott and Bjork. And for those keeping score at home, yes, that's the first time both Wu Tang Clan and Backstreet Boys have been featured on the site. Anything can happen in this countdown. Yeah, you know you're excited about what's to come. The Top 100 kicks off tomorrow... who's going to make the cut?!

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