Monday, 7 March 2011

Top 100 Songs of the 1970s, #70 - 61

David Bowie: No longer the 'Space Oddity.'

After a long day at work there's nothing like sitting back and getting your chill on to some great music. Listening to the next ten songs has definitely left me feeling more relaxed! Hopefully you'll feel the same. The Top 100 Songs of the 1970s countdown continues now... enjoy!

#70 - Rhiannon (1976)
by Fleetwood Mac

Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?

Fleetwood Mac are the bomb. They define the classic tagline, 'Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.' Their story puts Days of Our Lives to shame with all the fights, affairs and longing stares into the distance to end a scene. What separates them from the mass amount of rock stars that fade away is the quality of their music, which really is some of the best of all time. 'Rhiannon' marks their first appearance on the countdown and I can tell you what you already know... there's going to be a lot more. 

#69 - Heroes (1977)
by David Bowie

I, I will be King,
And you, you will be Queen...

Ziggy... That's all I've got. It's Bowie, what more do I need to say?

#68 - Lola (1970)
by The Kinks

Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand,
Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man...

You know those times when someone wants a song about transvestites and all you can think of is Rocky Horror music? No? Well... now you can say, "what about 'Lola?' Don't say I never help you out. 

#67 - Superstar (1971)
by The Carpenters

But you're not really here, it's just the radio...

#66 - (They Long To Be) Close To You (1970)
by The Carpenters

Why do stars fall down from the sky,
Every time you walk by?

Boom! The Carpenters deal a one-two punch of classic goodness. 'Close To You' beats out 'Superstar' just because it's Homer and Marge's wedding song. Gets me everytime. 

#65 - Behind Blue Eyes (1971)
by The Who

But my dreams they aren't as empty,
As my conscience seems to be...

Aren't you happy no one's been stupid enough to try and cover this song? Wait... who? Limp Bizkit?! Gross. That's like Ke$ha tackling a Bjork song. 

#64 - Lady (1973)
by Styx

Lady of the morning,
Love shines in your eyes...

#63 - God Save the Queen (1977)
by The Sex Pistols

There is no future,
In England's dreamland...

Get your punk on! I bet you never realised how cool England's national anthem could be. 

#62 - Me and Bobby McGee (1971)
by Janis Joplin

Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before if rained,
It rode us all the way in to New Orleans...

#61 - Born to Run (1975)
by Bruce Springsteen

'Cause tramps like us,
Baby we were born to run...

Made even more awesome by Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and a cast of TVs coolest stars at the Emmy's. But the original's better or whatever.

Jeez, this countdown's going to be over before you know it! Report back tomorrow for the next edition...

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