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Top 100 Songs of the 1970s, #80 - 71

I agree... the Glee version sucked.

After one day off, we're back with another installment of our 70s only countdown. There's no better way to start your week than with some classics and believe me, the ten songs for today define the word 'classic' to a t (or c?). Country, Rock, Metal, Pop, Disco, R&B... we're covering a lot of genres today, so let's get to the music!

#80 - ABC (1970)
by The Jackson 5

T-t-t-teacher's gonna show you,
How to get an 'A'!

The start of Michael Jackson's journey to becoming one of the most successful recording artist in the world began here as Diana Ross presented the Jackson 5 to the world. Tito was pretty cool. Jermaine was decent. But the world was captivated by the youngest member, who also happened to be the best singer, Michael. 

#79 - Money, Money, Money (1976)

So I must leave, I have to go,
To Las Vegas or Monaco...

Whatever, ABBA were as bad ass as a four-piece power-pop outfit from Sweden could be. 

#78 - School's Out (1972)
by Alice Cooper

School's been blown to pieces...

Admit it; you've had this song play through your head as you dreamed about demolishing your school with a bulldozer at least once or twice. You haven't? Nerd alert. 

#77 - We Are Family (1979)
by Sister Sledge

Everyone can see we're together,
As we walk on by (fly)...

#76 - Killer Queen (1974)
by Queen

"Let them eat cake," she says,
Just like Marie Antoinette...

Oh, hey there. It's It's My Kind of Scene's #1 singer, Freddie Mercury. The 70s were of course prime-time for Queen, so you can expect to see more of them. Can Mercury secure another #1? 

#75 - Stayin' Alive (1977)
by Bee Gees

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I'm a woman's man, no time to talk...

Disco (disco)! The Bee Gees went straight to the top of the charts with the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, bringing lifelong fame and fortune to the Gibb brothers. 'Stayin Alive' is considered their signature song and one of the defining songs of the disco era, but it doesn't come close to being their best song. That's still to come. 

#74 - I Want You to Want Me (1977)
by Cheap Trick

Feelin' all alone without a friend,
You know you feel like dyin'...

#73 - It's All Wrong But It's All Right (1978)
by Dolly Parton

Hello, are you free tonight?
I like your looks, I love your smile...

Madonna is to Pop as Dolly is to Country music. She is the Queen (take a hike Swift fans). Just sit back and enjoy 'It's All Wrong But It's All Right' as you debate the content of the song and if she is or she isn't singing about a prostitute. This is good at a party after the consumption of many a beverage. 

#72 - Beth (1976)

And I'm always somewhere else,
And you're always there alone...

#71 - Ain't No Sunshine (1971)
by Bill Withers

And she's always gone too long,
Anytime she goes away...

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, Withers wrote this song about the alco lovers in the film, Days of Wine and Roses. That's probably something you didn't know. I had to throw that in since you already know that the song's awesome.

That's it kids. Tomorrow? Punk, Bowie and I don't know WHO else could make an appearance. Stay tuned. 

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