Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dream Festival

From where you'd rather be...

Have you noticed most festival line-ups have been a bit same-y the last couple of years (Ke$ha's inclusion to Future excluded)? The latest Big Day Out pretty much featured a bunch of artists that headlined in recent years and haven't released new material since their last tour (what up, Tool? Hey thurr, Iggy). In fact, I'm finding it hard to want to go to any Australian music festivals this year, but maybe that's due to my building excitement for Bestival in the UK which is in September. Enough about me and my awesome ticket to an awesome festival. Let's talk about the idea of a 'Dream Festival.' Admit it, you've spent many an hour, possibly even days (if it's weeks, you should probably get a job or something) thinking up your own personal line-up for a festival that would satisfy your musical needs. There's the biggest stars, no southern cross tattoos in the crowd, no moles spending the entire day in the booze tent and certainly no fluro in sight. Ok, maybe in the dance tent. It's just beautiful people enjoying beautiful music and having a most excellent time.

If you haven't thought about what your own festival would be like, now's the best time to start! Stealing the Big Day Out's formula, you have two main stages featuring the biggest acts (mine would be gold and silver... blue and orange can suck it), a green stage for a more relaxed environment but featuring acts that are all about good music and, of course, the dance tent. Now pick five acts to perform on each stage/tent and you've got your very own 'Dream Festival.' In need of some inspiration? Here's what mine would look like.



David Bowie

Pearl Jam

Flaming Lips


Smashing Pumpkins


Arcade Fire

PJ Harvey


Kanye West

Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Fleetwood Mac

Florence + The Machine

Antony and The Johnsons


Sarah Blasko


The Presets

Basement Jaxx

Missy Elliott



Yeah, I know... amazing. It would be like all my Christmases coming at once. Now, run along and think about what your dream festival would look like. If, like me, you want to open yourself up to public scrutiny, let us know who you'd book for your very own music festival.

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