Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Music - Judas

Lady in re-e-e-e-e-e-d...

Lady Gaga - Judas
Album: Born This Way (2011)

'Bad Romance,' version 2.0? Not quite, but get ready to hear 'Judas' just as much. The song seems to follow a fairly similar formula to 'Bad Romance' but it's pumped up more to be a club thumper, no remixes necessary. But she'll probably release a remix CD anyway. 'Judas' has hooks that instantly grab onto your brain and refuse to let go, making it a huge step up in my books from 'Born This Way,' which warranted about ten more plays to appreciate. Any fears for the quality of Born This Way (out next Saturday) should be put to bed with this one. New music is just flying out from all corners at the moment, but it's all quality stuff! 2011 continues to bring the goods...

Rating: 4/5

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