Friday, 20 May 2011

10 and 1 - Songs From Musicals

Musicals. You either love them or hate them. For the most part, I'm a big fan, but that probably has something to do with my dreams of spontaneously bursting into song with an invisible orchestra accompanying me. That would be sweet. When I was living in London, the opportunity to see a show on the West End at an affordable price was one of the best things about being there. Recently I saw a production of Rent in Brisbane and afterwards I found myself listening to some of the best musical songs I've heard over the years. Thus forms the basis for this edition of '10 and 1.' Here are ten brilliant pieces from ten different shows and of course... one crappy one that makes me want to punch something or someone.

The 10:

Avenue Q - The Internet Is For Porn

Sweeney Todd - A Little Priest

Chicago - When You're Good To Mama

Phantom of the Opera - Past the Point of No Return

Wicked - Defying Gravity

West Side Story - A Boy Like That/I Have A Love

Legally Blonde - Omigod You Guys

Ragtime - Your Daddy's Son

Rent - Today 4 U

Les Miserables - I Dreamed A Dream

And 1:

Singin' In The Rain - Singin' In The Rain

Sorry if you're a fan... but the song and the whole show causes my ears pain. It's got nothing on Angel the dog killer or Elphaba the witch. What are your favourite songs from musicals?

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