Friday, 6 May 2011

Music Video Mahem - Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez & Stevie Nicks

Lady Gaga with new BF, Jesus.

It's time for your favourite post of the week, Music Video Mayhem! We've got three women who have dominated the music industry and all three will release new albums in May. Lady Gaga will be represented by the controversial 'Judas,' Jennifer Lopez (pronounced He-ni-fur) teams up with Lil Wayne for 'I'm Into You' and Stevie Nicks, rock legend and non-sheep, competes with her video for 'Secret Love.' So who's it going to take the crown today? It's the mother monster vs the sexiest woman in the world vs the white winged dove... who is not a sheep. Let's get to it!

Lady Gaga - Judas

LGG, 'Judas' is a big step in the right direction after the somewhat underwhelming 'Born This Way.' You can admit it... the modern take on Jesus, the disciples and Mary Magdalene (Gaga... duh) is a cool and unique concept for a popular music video. It looks fantastic, doesn't come across as a lesson in bible studies and does that magical thing I love; enhances the listening experience. When I reviewed 'Born This Way' in its Music Video Mayhem edition, I found it easier to list what I liked and disliked about the video in a 'pros' and 'cons' format. I'll be doing the same with 'Judas.'


* There's a distinct lack of any desperation to create controversy. I was sure Gaga would attempt to push the limits of what would be acceptable here and she doesn't. There's no shock factor in 'Judas' and that's a good thing.
* Dance sequences? Outstanding. Take note, B. Spears. Wait, that's too obvious... Britney S.
* Jesus and the disciples: biker gang. Gaga even pulls off a recreation of the video for 'I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)' with the wind blowing cape as she sits on the back of the bike. Anyway, the entire concept is cool. Jesus (who would definitely want his name pronounced hey-zeus) is the gang leader, Judas the beer guzzling loose cannon. Having their first names on the back of their leather jackets was a nice (and hilarious) touch.
* Close-up shots that show Lady Gaga remains beautiful despite her best efforts to prove the opposite.


* Costumes. Yes, they're amazing. But I'm assuming that the more lavish outfits (the less lavish would be the ones where she's just in a bikini with a cross on them) are what pushed the video's budget to an estimated $10 000 000. Necessary? No... no it's not.
* Make-up. Seriously. But isn't it a good sign that the only two cons are so small (or are they huge, like the inflated budget?)?

Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne - I'm Into You

Just in case you forgot, Jennifer Lopez is the sexiest woman in the world. She makes it hard to argue with that title when she releases a video like 'I'm Into You.' The only real problem I can find with the video is that the first sequence feels more like a fragrance advertisement. I was expecting 'Sex' by J.Lo, out May 14 to pop up at the end of it. Oh, the other problem is that the perfection of Jennifer Lopez and her male companion makes me feel sick and slightly inadequate. Excuse me while I go eat a quarter pounder. The shooting location (Chichen Itza, Mexico) is beautiful, the people are beautiful and Lopez even pulls off that out-of-control hair that Christina Aguilera will never be able to. The best part? Lil Wayne doesn't show up. Now, why it won't win today. What does this video offer? Nothing. We already knew Lopez was beautiful. But here's a woman attempting to teach singers artistic values, creativity and originality and here she is with one of the most generic videos in recent memory. Even Rebecca Black offered more in 'Friday.' Take note kids... being sexy doesn't make you a winner without a bit of imagination and personality.

Stevie Nicks - Secret Love

I'm a big fan of Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. So seeing her alongside Mick Fleetwood is always pretty cool, but I'll let Nicks' own description sum up what I thought of the video. "Sparkly and eerie and kinda creepy." That's not a ringing endorsement for your own video, Stevie! Anyway, don't let the video fool you, the song is amazing. I'd say you know by now who's winning this week... right?


Like there was ever any doubt.

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  1. Annabella Khalu7 May 2011 at 09:51

    And also, JLO so hot right now. what a babe! Love the nah nah nah hook, sweet little melody, sucky lyrics though. But she looks HOT! and like I said before, it's the most important thing!
    Although this video just makes me excited to see what Beyonce does with this new album and her videos.
    Love your work, Matt Bond!



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