Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Music Video Mayhem - Justice, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift

Does the video for 'Civilization' do it justice? See what I did there? You're welcome.

Your favourite music video battle to end all battles is back... with a vengeance... or something. That's right, it's time for Music Video Mayhem and this week, we're pitting Grammy award winning superstar, Taylor Swift, against French electro duo, Justice, and British sensation, Calvin Harris. Representing each act will be the clips for 'Story of Us,' 'Civilization' and 'Bounce.' Which one's the best? Let's find out!

Justice - Civilization

I've got to say, 'excited' was hardly the word I would have used to describe myself after I initially heard 'Civilization.' Believe me, after SEEING 'Civilization,' there's definitely no better word to describe exactly how I feel. What a video! Visually striking, a cool concept and buffalo! Those are buffalo, right? Yaks? Nah... I'm sticking with Buffalo. The end is a little, uh, sticky for our animal friends and raises a couple of possibly awkward questions that I won't go into. Mostly because I don't want you to think I'm even more a freak that you probably already do. 'Civilization' is enhanced by watching the video and really, that's what a promotional clip is all about. Well done, Frenchies.

Calvin Harris ft. Kelis - Bounce

Another song that I didn't love when I first heard it. Sadly, the video does nothing to change my mind which is a shame because I usually enjoy anything that Calvin Harris and Kelis release. The video for 'Bounce' is like watching an episode of the US Skins. Yes, that's an insult. Was I the only one wishing Kelis would go all 'Caught Out There' on the main dude and beat the crap out of him while screaming, "I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW, I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.... AHHHH?"

Taylor Swift - Story Of Us

Woah, woah, woah... wait a minute here. This isn't a country song. What is going on here? When did Taylor Swift enrol at Dalton Academy? Why does she continue to pretend no one will notice who she is if she wears nerd glasses? Does Taylor Swift think she's Superman? Or girl, whatever. When a video raises this many questions (and there were more!), I just can't love it. And come on... we've pretty much seen this video like five times already from T-Sweezy. Anyway... Swift's super purty looking. That counts for something.


Was there any doubt? Justice emerge as the early front-runners for Video of the Year with the epic clip for 'Civilization.'  

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