Monday, 20 June 2011

#1 - Your Top 20 Favourite Bands

Your new favourite... book?

I bought an awesome book today that I've wanted in my possession since I saw it in Urban Outfitters last year. Lisa Nola's 'Music Listography' is every music lovers dream; a journal of sorts that works as a collection of playlist that you fill in. The end result? Your musical tastes, loves, likes and even dislikes all in one place. I'm going to be sharing with you each of my playlists as a new feature and we kick off with It's My Kind of Scene's twenty favourite bands. Narrowing it down to such a (relatively) small number is no easy feat and I surprised myself with who I was willing to keep in and who I was more than ready to cut. Play along at home too and if you're looking for the awesomeness that is 'Music Listography,' head to your nearest Typo store (if you're in Australia), Urban Outfitters (US/UK) and everyone else... just go to or something.

Your Top 20 Favourite Bands:

Rules: You can only include bonafide bands. That's a collection of artists playing real life musical instruments to create delicious sounds. Who does this take out of the equation? Boy "bands," girl groups, electronic acts and rap groups. Sorry Spice Girls, but who knows... you might get on a playlist one day! Also, this doesn't act as a countdown, so the list is in no particular order. Enjoy! 



Smashing Pumpkins

Fleetwood Mac



Flaming Lips

Pearl Jam


Killing Heidi

The Beatles

No Doubt



Red Hot Chili Peppers

Foo Fighters

The Superjesus


The Cure


Yeah, a lot of 90s love there. What can I say, the 90s is just the best damn decade ever! Now, sit down with a glass (or three) of wine and have fun coming up with your own list. Let me know who'd make yours! 

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