Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Music Video Mayhem - Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Pnau, Weird Al

What's the time? I believe it's time for some Music Video Mayhem!! The mother monster takes on the princess of pop, Elton John's new proteges and the polka prankster of pop in a battle that could prove most interesting. 'The Edge of Glory' vs 'I Wanna Go' vs 'Solid Ground' vs 'Perform This Way.' A battle for the ages, no? Let the fun begin...

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory

Well, this was certainly an interesting change of pace from the typical Gaga video. LGG showcases her love for the 80s, Madonna, Michael Jackson and maybe even some of New York's most loved musicals. The problem? It's become an expectation that Lady Gaga delivers a sensory overload that involves some random nonsensical story, complex choreography, crazy costumes and flashing lights that should come with a warning for those suffering from epilepsy. What happens when she tones it down, sticks to one outfit and dances like she's a maniac (maniac on the floor...)? You can't help but feel a little underwhelmed. This isn't a bad video, it's just not the expected amazing Lady Gaga extravaganza that we've become accustomed to. It doesn't help that the video fails to match the quality of the song, one of her best from Born This Way. Positives? The opening shot in the window was pretty sweet. I thought we were in for some 'Poker Face' Gaga with the sunglasses, the hair, the outfit. That 'era' feels like forever ago. Then there's the Clarence Clemons factor. What a way for him to be remembered by a new generation of fans.

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

Everything was going so well and then that random started pouring milk on himself. But seriously, you must have enjoyed this video. It had something for everyone including the hilarious opening press conference. "Britney, Britney... does this suit make me look fat? Yes it does." Wonderful, just wonderful. Then there's Britney being frisked, Britney fighting terminator paparazzo and, uh... crotch grabbing Britney? Yep, something for everyone. Choosing to steer clear of the choreographed dancing was a pretty solid move too. Finally... she looks hot. There, I said it. Moving on...

Pnau - Solid Ground

This song is so good. So very, very good. As for the video to 'Solid Ground,' I can't help but feel like I've seen it all before. Admittedly it's a good fit and doesn't detract from the song's quality, but there's just no shaking that sense of music video deja vu. It was never going to win, but I just wanted you to listen to how awesome the song is again.

Weird Al Yankovich - Perform This Way

Equal parts terrifying and hilarious. That's really all we're going to say about this one... Enjoy!


Hats off to Ms Spears... she's delivered back-to-back winning videos. After the monstrosity that was 'Hold It Against Me,' who would have thought it was possible? Kudos.

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