Friday, 3 June 2011

Music Video Mayhem - Rihanna, Foo Fighters, The Grates, Lamb

Rihanna: Controversial or inspirational?

Not only is this the latest/greatest edition of Music Video Mayhem... this is It's My Kind of Scene's 600th post! Yeah, yeah, it's not exactly a 600th post spectacular, but it's a big number, right? Maybe I'll do something big for the 750th post. But what? No, seriously... help a brother out here. Enough of my mental breakdown slash pat-on-the-back for reaching 600 posts. Let's watch some music videos! Competing today, we've got the pride of Barbados, Rihanna; rock's most reliable superstars, the Foo Fighters; arguable Australia's funnest live band, The Grates and Lamb. That's right... Lamb are back! It's 'Man Down' vs 'Walk' vs 'Turn Me On' vs 'Another Language.' Which video will be deemed the best?

Rihanna - Man Down

Does this woman sleep? Seriously, it feels like the video for 'California King Bed' came out like two weeks ago. Is Rihanna perpetually filming promo clips? Now, the video for 'Man Down' has garnered a lot of attention in the media due to the implied sexual assault that takes place at the end, leading to Rihanna gunning the perpetrator down (as shown at the start). An ambitious and admirable move, but one that was always going to spark a whole lot of controversy. Outside of the two key moments, not much really happens. As far as storytelling goes, that's a good thing. You can't help but wonder what would drive this seemingly happy, beautiful girl to shoot a man in the head. But remove the "story" from this picture and you get what could be a very important video. Rihanna has crafted a forum for discussing the safety of women and children in Jamaica. If you are interested in reading more on this very real issue, the UNHCR published a report, Sexual Violence against Women and Girls in Jamaica: "just a little sex." Is this a turning point in Rihanna's career? Probably not. But, like I said, it's an ambitious and admirable move.

Foo Fighters - Walk

The Foo Fighters have delivered some incredible film clips throughout their career. 'Monkey Wrench,' 'My Hero,' 'Everlong,' 'Learn to Fly,' 'Best of You.' That's just some of the awesomeness. Does 'Walk' make the grade? Yes... yes it does. It's nice to see the Foo Fighters doing what they do best; random comedy. It feels like forever since we've seen a fun video where Grohl and the gang play some different characters and get into wacky, zany situations. Even though it follows the band's standard formula, I think I kinda love the song too.

The Grates - Turn Me On

Speaking of wacky and zany. The Grates go random, artsy-indie with the black-and-white video for 'Turn Me On.' Of course, I love it. How could I not? It's got Patience, looking all good; it's got unexplainable imagery and did I mention Patience is in it? Gosh she's pretty. But where is the lovely drummer? Alana has sadly left the group, but they're going to continue delivering the goods as our favourite new two-piece. On another note, does every man in Australian music look the same? Slap an afro on John and he could be Nick Littlemore or Andrew Stockdale. What's up with that?

Lamb - Another Language

What an absolutely pleasant surprise. Did anyone else know that Lamb was releasing new material? The video for 'Another Language' is perfect for the song's chilled vibe (like Lamb could deliver another), but let's be honest... it ain't winning any awards today. Anyway... Lamb is back! Excuse me while I go listen to 'Gorecki.'


A tough call, but Rihanna has done something that could prove to be fairly important. And really, who saw her attempting such a bold move? She's earned the win this week. Hopefully she uses all this publicity to do something meaningful.

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