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#4 - List the Best Concerts and Music Festivals You've Seen

Hard Rock Calling - Hyde Park, 2010

Another week, another list from the amazing Music Listography journal I've been filling out. Of course, you might not find it that amazing... which is why I hope you go out, get the book and fill it out too! Then we can have a party where you come over, we drink nice beverages, eat some snacks and read our lists to each other and then laugh and laugh. Or not. Whatever. Today we'll be looking at my favourite concerts and festivals!

The Best Concerts I've Seen:

Pearl Jam - Brisbane Entertainment Centre (2006)

What made this so good? Front row tickets, claiming Eddie Vedder's pick (and then giving it to a friend who is his biggest fan) and almost three hours of amazing music. I also believe we spent Kings of Leon's entire support performance in the beer garden. All class. We stayed out 18 hours on the mean streets of Brisbane to get those tickets and to this day, still sing 'Memory' when we drive past the 'ole Ticketek. Good times.

Garbage - Brisbane Convention Centre (2005)

Must I explain? Garbage are, quite possibly, my favourite band in all of music. To see them live was a dream come true. That is all.

Amanda Palmer - Old Museum, Brisbane (2011)

Yes, yes, yes! The Old Museum's acoustics make it such a cool venue and AFP took full advantage, despite a couple of technical mishaps during 'Astronaut.' But even when things were going 'wrong,' Palmer had the crowd eating out of her hands the entire time. She could be funny, charming and powerful in the space of a minute while talking with the energetic audience. Then there's the fact that Amanda Palmer sounds even better live than she does recorded. There... I said it.

The Presets - The Tivoli, Brisbane (2008)

The Presets have this uncanny ability to make an hour and a half fly by, as if it's been ten minutes. At the end of their show, you're like, "how did I manage to dance for so long and work up a sweat like this when I can't even run up a hill?" Again, a pumped up crowd is just as important as the performance and the crowd here was insane.

Sarah Blasko - 02 Academy, London (2010)

Even my desire to punch the people talking during every quiet number from As Day Follows Night couldn't stop this from being amazing.

Justice - The Metro, Chicago (2007)

Even Britt losing her passport toward the front of the stage during 'We Are Your Friends' couldn't stop this from being amazing.

Florence + The Machine - HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London (2010)

Florence kicked off the 'Cosmic Love' tour in London with an incredible showcase with support from The Drums. This was one of those moments where you're having such a good time, you never want it to end. And then it ends. And then you go home and listen to Florence + The Machine for the next couple of hours to relive the good times.

Lily Allen - 02 Academy, London (2009)

Rirry Arren! Another performance that left a big smile on my face. Lily surprised me throughout the entire show. Her voice live is much better than I thought it would be and she nailed each and every song.

The Best Music Festivals I've Seen:

Green Man Festival, Wales (2010)

The Flaming Lips, Mumford & Sons, Beirut, Darwin Deez, Laura Marling, The Doves, Metronomy, Fionn Regan and even Johnny Flynn (this one goes out to Vicks). Amazing music combined with free-flowing booze (thanks Kat), amazing people and the beautiful Welsh countryside made this one of the most memorable (and muddiest) music festivals I've been to. Did I mention The Flaming Lips were there?

Hard Rock Calling - Hyde Park, London (2010)

The Hives, Gomez, Ben Harper and The Gaslight Anthem. I didn't give two hoots about any of these acts. This was all about seeing Pearl Jam in Hyde Park and boy... was it a show for the ages. 100 000 people + Pearl Jam = one of those moments that will stay with you forever. The Hives were hilarious. "Everyone put your left hands above your heads." Great stuff.

Big Day Out - Gold Coast (2006)

Iggy and the Stooges, Franz Ferdinand, Wolfmother, Magic Dirt, Sarah Blasko, M.I.A, The White Stripes, The Presets and Kings of Leon. That's worth my money. Yes, even Wolfmother. Remember, this was in 2006.

Hopefully everything works out and I'm able to get to the UK for Bestival this year, because it would destroy the festivals I've already been to. The Cure, Bjork, Crystal Castles, Robyn, Kelis... sorry, I'm frothing at the mouth. This list is over! 

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