Thursday, 28 July 2011

Music Video Mayhem - Bjork, Kasabian, Beyonce, Bon Iver & Gotye

Can Bjork give us another classic video?

Well, it's been over a month since our last edition of Music Video Mayhem, so I guess we'd better do something to rectify this situation. How? With a super-sized edition! We're pitting five clips against each other in a battle for the ages. The iconic Bjork teams once more with legendary director Michel Gondry to create 'Crystalline;' Kasabian unveils 'Switchblade Smiles;' 'Beyonce attempts to run the world with 'Best Thing I Never Had;' 'Calgary' sees Bon Iver delivering his indie best and finally we have one of the most amazing songs of 2011 in 'Somebody That I Used To Know.' Is Gotye's video worthy of the song? Let's find out.

Bjork - Crystalline

Initially, I was really unsure about how the video for 'Crystalline' made me feel. You don't invest in the story like you would in 'Army of Me' or 'Bachelorette.' It's not as cinematically beautiful as 'Joga.' It's not as mindboggling quirky and creative as 'Declare Independence' or 'Human Behaviour.' There isn't the same feeling from it that Bjork is years ahead of her contemporaries like the one you'd get after watching 'Hyperballad.' While 'Crystalline' can't match the previously mentioned videos, it finds its success through bringing in elements of what made those Gondry collaborations work. It's surreal, visually appealing and somehow perfect for the song. When the music breaks down and everything goes crazy... you know this is worthy of being a Bjork video. Make sure you check out the Biophilia iPhone app so you can play the 'Crystalline' video game! 

Kasabian - Switchblade Smiles

'Switchblade Smiles' the song? Amazing! 'Switchblade Smiles' the music video? A little underwhelming. For what it is, it's well shot and the guys look like totally badasses... but, yeah. It is what it is.

Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. You look fantastic in your video. But that wasn't enough to make me fall asleep. You can do much, much better.

Bon Iver - Calgary

What is going on here? Because what I got is; boy meets girl. Boy and girl go to dirty pond. They burn some magic beans and float them away. There's a bear in there. And a chair as well? Perhaps I'm not indie enough to understand? This one's beautifully shot though and didn't make me fall asleep. This round to Bon Iver, hey Queen B?

Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

Gotye and Kimbra are on the verge of superstardom and this song and video are going to go a long way to breaking them into the big time. A serious contender for song and video of the year.


You know who the winner is when you're already preparing their nomination for Video of the Year. Gotye is going all out in the lead-up to the release of new album, Making Mirrors.

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