Monday, 4 July 2011

Seek. Love. Keep.

Seeker Lover Keeper - Seeker Lover Keeper

If ARIA wants to make a statement about their commitment to honouring the best in Australian music this year, this is the album that should walk away with Album of the Year. A big call to make this "early" in the year, but it's going to be pretty damn hard to top Seeker Lover Keeper's self-titled, incredible debut. You probably already know their story... three of Australia's best female singer-songwriters that have come together to collaborate on an album; Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann. Blasko is already a superstar to fans of quality music, winning ARIA Awards for her albums What the Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have and As Day Follows Night, including a Best Female Artist win in 2009. Throsby and Seltmann have been cultivating quite the following themselves over the years. Seltmann, in particular, made a huge impact as the co-writer for Feist's breakthrough hit, '1234.' Holly Throsby is a two-time ARIA nominee for Best Female Artist, but still remains vastly underrated. Consider Seeker Lover Keeper to be the big coming out party for these two ladies.

Like I said, Sarah Blasko is the superstar in this group, so it's no surprise that she takes lead on six of the twelve tracks here. First song, 'Bring Me Back' is a wonderful reminder of the brilliant songwriter she is and current single, 'Light All My Lights' and 'Rely On Me' showcase her ability to hold a listener in the palm of her hand as she works that vocal magic. On arguably the album's greatest track, 'Even Though I'm A Woman,' a song I've had on repeat all day (seriously... all day), Holly Throsby actually manages to steal the spotlight with what will go down as one of the finest songs of this year. Her delivery is exceptional. Written by Seltmann, 'Even Though I'm A Woman' outclasses her previous masterpiece, '1234,' in every way and should be a shoo-in for nominations galore from APRA. While her writing is definitely impressive, don't count out Sally's vocal performances either. 'On My Own' is a thing of devastating beauty and 'If The Night is Dark' cements her status as the artist you must watch for when next she drops a solo release.

If you love music with relatable lyrics, unique voices and powerful, understated performances, Seeker Lover Keeper is the album for you.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. I love it! Sarah Blasko's voice is so unique and amazing, yet she works so well as backup for her co-singers. Amazing. ARIA better get it right or else... Who am I kidding. They won't. But I'll still love them.


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