Monday, 1 August 2011

#7 - List Bands You Do NOT Like

Well, this should be a barrel of laughs. No, seriously... most of these bands are that 'good,' you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing. Unless of course you like them. HAHAHAHA. What I meant to say was, "good for you. You're super awesome!"  Before you start crying, planning my untimely demise or attempt to explain why I, "just don't understand how AMAZING [insert band name here] is," take a Valium, have a glass of wine and appreciate everyone has musical differences. There aren't that many bands I dislike, but here's what I came up with. To save myself some pain, there will only be pictures for this list... no music. Sorry, I just couldn't do it to myself.

List Bands You Do NOT Like

Short Stack

Controversial? I suppose it would be if you're twelve years old, Australian and female. Funnily enough, those three things are exactly what the lads in Short Stack look like. You have to admire their ability to cash in on the lucrative tween market and the emo trend, but seriously... the music sucks and blows.  

Good Charlotte

The final chance I gave them was 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.' The day I heard it I swore I would never, ever willingly listen to them again. 

Simple Plan

Ok, I'll stop making fun of emo bands. But you can't stop me forever!


People hate on Creed all the time, but Hinder was way, way worse. Put it this way, if you could only listen to either 'With Arms Wide Open' or 'Lips of an Angel' for the rest of your life, you'd go with the former. Wow, you would not wish that on anyone.

Men At Work

Yeah, I don't like them. Get over it. 

Animal Collective

Sorry hipsters, Animal Collective just doesn't do it for me. Maybe their next LP will change my mind...

Kid Rock

This does count as a band, doesn't it?


Before you die-hard fans start sending me death threats, you have to understand that I tried to like Tool. I honestly did. Sadly I just couldn't force myself to get into it.

But, BUT... where's the Coldplay? Nickleback? HOW COULD YOU LEAVE CREED OFF YOU SICK BASTARD?!? Well, to answer your first question; I love 'Yellow' and 'The Scientist.' Second question... I'm not that offended by Nickelback. Offended, but not that offended. And Creed? Alright, I'll give you Creed. They sucked.

Fun fact: the only band to have previously been feature on the blog is Good Charlotte. I dissed their last song. What of it?

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