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Top 25 Country Songs, #10 - 6

LeAnn Rimes: Moonlight Fighter.

We're back with the only country countdown in the world that won't feature Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. Well, it's highly likely this is the only one. If I could be bothered I'd do some research into it, but... meh. So, here's our last lot of bridesmaids before the top five country songs are revealed later in the week. I feel completely comfortable calling this lot bridesmaids because it's a ladies only edition! What are we waiting for? Nothing. Let's hear some music...

#10. Travelin' Soldier (2002)
by Dixie Chicks

One of the saddest stories to be told through song, 'Travelin' Soldier' is absolutely devastating in the hands of Natalie Maines and Co. Like you'd want to listen to it any other way. It's the oldest story in the book... boy meets girl; boy goes to war; boy dies in war; piccolo playing girl cries alone under the football stands. Alright, it's not exactly the classic love story, but at least the girl didn't die too. Romeo + Juliet, I'm looking at you. This is just me making awkward conversation because this song's so good it can bring me to tears. And now you know a little bit more about how pathetic I am. In all seriousness though, this is songwriting at its finest (written by Bruce Robinson) and the Dixie Chicks nail every aspect of their performance.

Best Lines: "Crying all alone under the stands, Was a piccolo player in the marching band, And one name read but nobody really cared, But a pretty little girl with a bow in her hair."

#9. Stand By Your Man (1968)
by Tammy Wynette

Now, I'm not a feminist (or am I?), but I can see how they get so worked up about 'Stand By Your Man.' That doesn't mean it's not a good song though. It's a perfect song and a wonderful vehicle for showcasing the most talented Tammy Wynette. Country fans love it so much, it took the #1 spot on Country Music Television's '100 Greatest Songs in Country Music' countdown in 2003. In much more exciting news, it placed at #95 on It's My Kind of Scene's Top 100 Songs of the 1960s, a wonderful countdown that you should check out. PLUG! What are you gonna do about it?

Best Line: "Because after all he's just a man."

#8. How Do I Live (1997)
by Trisha Yearwood or LeAnn Rimes (because really, who gives a toss?)

Seriously though, why get in an argument about which version is better? Rimes' is one of the most successful US singles of all time. Yearwood did well in... Australia *cough* but her track is just as epic (and has the power of the saxophone on its side). Bottom line; 'How Do I Live' will always be an awesome song in the hands of a capable singer. Both ladies are more than capable of delivering the vocals necessary to pull it off. Everyone wins. Now... to go watch Con Air.

Best Line: "If you ever leave, baby you would take away everything real in my life."

#7. The Captain (1999)
by Kasey Chambers

Unexpected-but-when-you-think-about-it-it-was-to-be-expected twist! Come on, if you read the Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, you'd know how much love I have for Chambers' debut effort, The Captain. That wasn't meant to be a shameless plug this time, I swear! Moving hastily along, this is the best Australian country has to offer and it stands up well against the big American acts. Kasey's unique voice draws you in with the lyrics and you can't help but fall in love a little. You wouldn't be the only on too, everyone else loved it so much, Chambers would go on to become the biggest female country act to come out of Australia in a long, long time.

Best Lines: "Did I forget to thank you for the ride, I hadn't tried I tend to runaway and hide."

#6. Jolene (1973)
by Dolly Parton

The Queen! Dolly Parton makes her last appearance on the countdown, but she goes out with a bang. Sorry to the four of you reading this that expected '9 to 5' to make the list. Ah, 'Jolene' is the oldest story in the book. Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy. Boy meets cheap slut. Girl desperately begs said slut not to steal her man. What? That's not the oldest story in the book either? Look, I'm sure you were told really nice stories when you were a little one, but clearly the ones I heard were waaaay better. Deal with it.

Best Line: "Please don't take him just because you can."

The Top 5 Country Songs will be coming your way very soon!

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