Wednesday, 16 November 2011

#11 - Your Favourite Male Vocalists

Mr. Mercury: It doesn't get much better. As in, it doesn't get better.

You may have noticed that I feature female singers a whole lot more than their male counterparts on the blog. What can I say... apparently girls run the world. This doesn't mean I don't have love for a whole bunch of dudes that can string a couple of lines together to form sweet, sweet music. It's just that new music today is dominated by the ladies. Who's representing in a major way (vocally) for men right now? Bruno Mars... Adam Levine... Chris Martin? Those three are admittedly very talented vocalists, but I don't see myself adjusting this list to fit them in when I'm hanging out at the retirement village seventy-five years from now. With my mind. Because I'm sure you'll actually BE the blog eventually. That kinda makes me sick. Only kinda. What was I talking about though? Ah, yes... There's a huge hole in the music industry right now that needs to be filled by an exciting male singer. Someone that can compete commercially with the likes of Gaga and Adele. While not every one on my personal list of favourite male singers has been as successful as Michael Jackson (who made the list... duh!), there's plenty to learn from the unique sounds that come from their mouths (don't be gross). Gentlemen singers of the world, if you want to be a huge star, take your cues from these twenty legends.

Your Favourite Male Vocalists

Freddie Mercury

Eddie Vedder

Michael Jackson

Thom Yorke

Rufus Wainwright

Antony Hegarty

Robert Smith

Bernard Fanning

Michael Hutchence

Lindsay Buckingham

Roy Orbison

Ben Folds

Billy Corgan

Van Morrison

Steve Perry

Nick Cave

Marvin Gaye

Johnny Cash

Serj Tankian

Elton John

Who makes your list?!


Love it or hate it? Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think!