Sunday, 20 November 2011

#12 - Your Favourite Female Vocalists

Don't let South Park fool you, Stevie Nicks is amazing!

Two Music Listography posts in one week? Aren't you just the luckiest readers in the world! All four of you. It's still about our favourite voices, so let's get this show on the road. Last time we looked at the gentlemen, now it's the time for the ladies to step up to the plate. This group of women come from a variety of genres and decades, but they all have unique voices that will always set them apart from their contemporaries. If you're a girl who wants to rule the world (or you just want to listen to some beautiful music), pay attention to the following women that made It's My Kind of Scene's personal list of favourite female vocalists. Disclaimer, the list isn't based on vocal talent alone.

Your Favourite Female Vocalists

Kate Bush

Eva Cassidy

Stevie Nicks

Amy Winehouse

Florence Welch

Beth Gibbons

Amy Lee

Shirley Manson

Ella Hooper

Sharon Jones


Joni Mitchell

K.D. Lang

Annie Lennox

Bonnie Raitt

Brandi Carlile

Natalie Maines

Diana Ross

Tina Turner

PJ Harvey

You may tell me all the amazing singers I missed now...

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