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2011 Scene Awards - Album of the Year

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Last day of the year means we've come to the point where we must give out our final award for 2011, Album of the Year. The past twelve months have been very kind to music fans. Some of our favourite acts have delivered career best records and new bands, singers and groups are popping up all over the world with attention-grabbing tracks.

Of course, no year is made up of only good news. The world lost one of its greatest young talents, with Amy Winehouse passing away far too early at the age of 27. Justin Bieber is still popular and Joe Jonas released some "music." Don't even get me started on the rise of dubstep.

Enough of the negativity though. This is all about the best the music industry provided for us throughout the calendar year. As a quick recap, here are your Scene Award winners so far;

Video of the Year - 'Lonely Boy' by The Black Keys
Australian Artist of the Year - Seeker Lover Keeper
Best New Artist - James Blake and Lana Del Rey (Tie)
Group of the Year - Seeker Lover Keeper
Man of the Year - Gotye
Woman of the Year - Kimbra

Now let's take a look at the ten albums that made the shortlist for Album of the Year!

by Florence + The Machine

Read about Florence + The Machine's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:
Top 111 Songs of 2011, #3 - 'Shake It Out.'

What we said about Cermonials:
"Ceremonials as an album is better than Lungs. It's just the most epic thing to come out of a year full of awe inspiring concepts and grand ideas."
"The track [No Light, No Light] contains all of the elements that makes Ceremonials such a brilliant album; lyrics that read like a beautifully violent fairytale, epic choruses that attach themselves to your brain and never let go and Welch's soaring siren vocals that draw you deeper and deeper into her world."

by Architecture in Helsinki

Read about Architecture in Helsinki's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Moment Bends:
"Architecture in Helsinki set the blogosphere alight with their new album, Moment Bends. Tracks like 'Contact High,' 'Escapee,' 'W.O.W' and 'Desert Island' have been on high rotation and hopefully a couple of them earn enough votes to make it big on the JJJ Hottest 100."
"Architecture In Helsinki go from strength to strength and evolve with each new release. 'Contact High' sees them grow into one of Australia's greatest exports and stands as their best single to date."

by PJ Harvey

Read about PJ Harvey's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Let England Shake:
"Many are calling it the great artwork of her career. When you listen to it, you can understand why."
"This album takes you on a journey, the lyrics conjuring dark images, but her vocal floating along, sucking you in so you forget where you are and then at the end of the album you feel a little used and abused and tired and maybe a little thirsty and you love it." (Jo)
"If you're looking for an album that actually stands for something, you can't beat what many are calling PJ Harvey's greatest album, Let England Shake. Polly Jean's critical, thoughtful and ultimately beautiful critique of her home country was comprised of 100% hits, no misses and saw her take home her second Mercury Music Prize in September."

by Gotye

Read about Gotye's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Making Mirrors:
"Solely the fact that ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ appears on this album is the reason I put it in my list. I could listen to that song 10 times in a row and that alone would make a great album. That song came from this album and for that reason it couldn’t be ignored." (Jo)

by Little Dragon

Read about Little Dragon's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Ritual Union:
"Little Dragon had a good year. After appearing with the Gorillaz on 'Empire Ants' in 2010, garnering rave reviews, they released their third LP, Ritual Union, to even more critical acclaim. The album is full of beautiful track after beautiful track, but my love is mostly directed at the addictive 'Crystalfilm.' Yukimi Nagano's sweet voice works in perfect tandem with the repeated accompaniment, leaving you almost in a trance like state. You'll never want to come out of it."

"If you thought 'Nightlight' was good, you're going to love the album's title track. Yukimi Nagano's vocals are at their soulful best here (at least the best I've heard since 'Twice.')"

by Lady Gaga

Read about Lady Gaga's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Born This Way:
"So it's not the greatest album of all time... so what? It's still the best album I've heard all year and Lady Gaga's best album yet. The Fame and The Fame Monster had some fantastic singles, but were all over the place. Born This Way works with a more consistent theme, ensuring that as a whole, this is the greatest album Gaga's delivered unto us. What more can you ask for?"

"LGG might have fallen a little bit short on that whole "best album of all time" thing she said we could expect from Born This Way, but she still managed to create her most consistent and fluid LP which was full of ready for the d-floor anthems. 'The Edge of Glory,' 'Judas,' 'Marry the Night,' 'You and I;' these were excellent additions to her catalogue that have kept her in the public's eyes and ears this year."

by Seeker Lover Keeper

Read about Seeker Lover Keeper's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Seeker Lover Keeper:
"Seeker Lover Keeper is an album that is written and performed as if these singers know some of the most intimate details of your life. Every song is as relatable as it is unique and memorable and that's what separates amazing albums from the good or average ones."

"Every time I put this album on (which is quite often, actually) I seem to find another track I love. Every song its own story, the lyrics are so strong and the vocals are incredible. I adore ‘Light All My Lights’ and it’s sweet story and I love the sing along verses of ‘Rest Your Head On My Shoulder’ and I relate a little too much to ‘If The Night Is Dark’. I could mention every song on this album and a reason I love it. For a while there I had to force myself to listen to other things so the listening didn’t become an obsession. It didn’t work and I kept coming back to this album and I still am." (Jo)

"If ARIA wants to make a statement about their commitment to honouring the best in Australian music this year, this is the album that should walk away with Album of the Year. A big call to make this "early" in the year, but it's going to be pretty damn hard to top Seeker Lover Keeper's self-titled, incredible debut."

by Kimbra

Read about Kimbra's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Vows:
"Vows is simply one of the most stunning debut albums in years. It bounces seamlessly between genres, styles and emotions, but you never find yourself tiring of its charms. Instead, with every listen you find more and more reasons to love it and more and more reasons to love its hostess, Kimbra."
"I bought this album the day it was released and I LOVED it from first listen. I even purchased this one from the shop, just for the cover and artwork, so I could hold it in my hands. I wanted to put the CD on and play it until I knew all of the words. I did that and I do know them and I’m still not sick of it." (Jo)

by Adele

Read about Adele's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about 21:
"Adele was anywhere and everywhere and there's a reason why. She deserves to be. We complain about style always triumphing over substance, but in 2011 and through Adele, substance had its day."

"Currently holding the #1 spot on the Australian, UK and American album charts, this is definitely the year of Adele. I, for one, couldn't be happier."

"Catchy pop music has never sounded better than in the capable hands (and voice) of Adele."

by Lykke Li

Read about Lykke Li's 2011 on It's My Kind of Scene:

What we said about Wounded Rhymes:
"This is such a great album. You can put it on and completely lose yourself in it, or you can put in on and clean the bathroom. Equal amounts of enjoyment had in either scenario." (Jo)


by Seeker Lover Keeper
Runner-Up: Vows
by Kimbra

Congratulations are in order for Seeker Lover Keeper. They've walked away with three well deserved awards in 2011 for the incredible music we thank them for. That's it for this year, kids. Have a rockin' New Year's and I'll see you in 2012!!!

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