Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 Scene Awards - Best Group

Was there a better group than Little Dragon in 2011?

Hello thurr and welcome back to the 2011 Scene Awards! If you're joining us for the first time or you find yourself in need of a quick recap, our previous winners are;

Video of the Year: 'Lonely Boy' by The Black Keys
Australian Artist of the Year: Seeker Lover Keeper
Best New Artist: James Blake and Lana Del Rey (Tie)

Now, we're mixing things up a little today. Since it's been about seven years since our last '10 and 1,' I thought I'd let its powers combine with the award for Best Group. Not only will you be reading about our top 10 groups (bands, collaborative efforts... anything that isn't a one man or woman show really), you'll also find out who we deemed to be the worst group of 2011. Whoever could it be? Read on and ye shall be informed!

The 10: Groups of the Year

10. The Black Keys

9. The Jezabels

8. Arctic Monkeys

7. The Naked and Famous

6. Fleet Foxes

5. Architecture in Helsinki

4. CSS

3. Pnau

2. Little Dragon

1. Seeker Lover Keeper

That's two awards for Australia's trio of awesomeness! These three talented singer-songwriting, instrument playing and simply amazing women stand out from all others once you've fallen under their spell. As it should be, Seeker Lover Keeper is the polar opposite of who we've deemed our least favourite group of 2011...

The 1: Worst Group of the Year


I was very tempted to give this dishonour to The Strokes for being a continual disappointment, but that would be wrong. At one time they were fantastic and that has to earn them some good will. Instead, it's LMFAO, party rockers (?), that really took a dump on popular music in 2011. Don't look so shocked. How many times have you seen them featured on It's My Kind of Scene this year? You haven't. How many times did one of their "songs" make the top 20 or get some lovin' as song of the day? None of them did. You want to like them, be my guest, but these guys are definitely NOT my kind of scene. See what I did there?

Only three major awards remain; Man of the Year, Woman of the Year and Album of the Year. Who do YOU think should win?

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