Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011 Scene Awards - Man of the Year

Bon Iver: Man of the Year?

I've said it before and I'll say it again (at least three times) before the month is out; 2011 was truly the year that girls ran the music world. That doesn't mean that the lads weren't out there doing their thing. Oh no, some dudes delivered the goods in a big way this year. Obviously they make up our nominees for the 2011 Man of the Year! Duh. Let's meet them... shall we?

Justin Vernon
of Bon Iver

Justin Vernon made 2011 his proverbial biatch. The release of Bon Iver drew widespread critical acclaim and the LP ended the year as Pitchfork's #1 album of twenty-eleven. You know it's really a breakout year though when you score some sweet, sweet love from the Grammys! Nominations for Record of the Year and Song of the Year ('Holocene'), Best New Artist (okie dokie) and Best Alternative Music Album must have come as a surprise for many of us, albeit a pleasant one. At the end of the day though, awards are swell, but you don't need them to be awesome. Bon Iver Justin Vernon proved that he's awesome a long time ago.

Eddie Vedder

I need a reason to nominate Eddie Vedder for Man of the Year? Seriously? How about Ukulele Songs? Is that reason enough for you? Huh?! So many questions...

James Blake

James Blake has already walked away with one Scene Award this year. Last week he was named Best New Artist along with hipster princess, Lana Del Rey. 2011 has been a huge year for Blake. He won over legions of fans during live sets at some big festivals and his own shows. When you hear his voice you can understand why. It leaves you in awe and when he stops, you just want to hear more. Luckily in 2012 we'll be hearing a whole lot more from him!


From an Australian viewpoint and with the exception of Adele, Wally De Backer aka Gotye was the biggest act in music this year. I'll be perfectly honest, it's all because of 'Somebody That I Used To Know' and you know what? That's a-Ok with me. With Kimbra by his side, Gotye stormed the charts, dominated radio, cleaned up at the ARIA Awards and has now found himself permanently entrenched in the public consciousness. This is a good thing. Claiming the #1 spot on the JJJ Hottest 100 will be the perfect way for him to leave 2011 behind and hopefully get to work on a new album.

Man of the Year

Runner-Up: Justin Vernon

Gotye finally picks up a win after finishing runner-up in the Australian Artist of the Year (Seeker Lover Keeper) and Video of the Year (The Black Keys - 'Lonely Boy') categories! He deserved it too. 2011 was all about the Gotye. Coming up next... Woman of the Year! Who could it be?

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