Saturday, 17 December 2011

Song of the Day - A Ballad For the Bleeding Hearts

Howling Bells - A Ballad For the Bleeding Hearts
Album: Radio Wars (2009)

Howling Bells played Alhambra Lounge in Brisbane last night, powering through an eleven song set that showcased one of Australia's most talented and bizarrely underrated bands. Highlights included new single, 'Into the Sky,' 'Low Happening,' 'Cities Burning Down' and my personal favourite from the night, 'A Ballad For the Bleeding Hearts.' Juanita Stein's performance of the track had a firm grasp of the crowd's attention, her voice silencing Alhambra's chatty audience. Why the band isn't playing a bigger venue is so very confusing, but at least they played somewhere, right? Awesome show and hopefully we'll be seeing them again real soon.

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