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Madonna, Queen of Pop, #15 - 11

That's right... it's still all about Madonna on It's My Kind of Scene! If you haven't already, you can check out part 1 of our countdown here so you're all caught up for the next five songs. Ready to get into the groove? I know I am. Let's hear some pop goodness!

#15 - American Life
Album: American Life (2003)

This type of modern life, is it for me?
This type of modern life, is it for free?

No, I'm not joking... 'American Life' is awesome! This was when Madonna was going about everything the right way. Ageing gracefully if you will. Oh, wait... she raps in this doesn't she. Awkward. (Amazing) rap aside, this is perfect. A singer at the top of her game, one of the most successful in the world who can "express her extreme point of view" if she so wants. Let's go back to that rap for a second. With almost a decade of time to reflect, can we all agree that it was meant to be ironic? A little too ironic? Yeah, I really do think. Despite the fact that she really was doing yoga and pilates (and in all likelihood she was satisfied) a little too much (the emergence of 'crazy armed Madonna' begins here), the track works as one person's perspective of a culture and world super power on it's way down and how it got there. If 'American Life' was released a year after The Dixie Chicks' famed George W. Bush comment, when everyone was bashing him, this would have been a #1 hit and no one would have even blinked at the original video.

#14 - I'll Remember
Album: With Honours OST (1994)

I learned to let go, I travel in stillness.

Look, I had to put one of her many movie songs in here. There was no chance of Evita getting some lovin' and while I'm extremely partial to 'Beautiful Stranger' I had to go with 'I'll Remember.' Just to throw it in your face that she has another memorable ballad in her catalogue? Maybe, maybe not. Was it to make you want to see With Honours? I doubt it. That movie managed to both suck and blow. I just really enjoy the song I suppose. That, and Madonna channelling Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction at the end of the video. How random! As a side note, this is a week where my mind boggles at the execution of 'Die Another Day.' Next week I'll love it again and condemn myself for not putting it in the list.

#13 - Don't Tell Me
Album: Music (2000)

Tell me love isn't true, it's just something that we do...

Do I even need to poorly justify myself here? 'Don't Tell Me' is cooler than cool. There's cowgirl Madonna, dancing cowboys, rodeo shenanigans, sand (!), a mechanical bull... this one has it all folks! The opening guitar line, complete with sudden stops and starts, would have to be one of the most memorable beginnings to a song released in the new millennium. I'm yet to find a Madonna fan that doesn't enjoy 'Don't Tell Me' and even if I did... I'd call them a liar. I'd yell, "Liar!" right in their lying face. We will now take a moment to reflect on Madonna's ability to go country and not destroy all the respect she had earned herself. That in itself deserves a round of applause.

#12 - Secret
Album: Bedtime Stories (1994)

Something's coming over me,
My baby's got a secret.

Acoustic Madonna? Is there anything she can't do?! There's many, many things... but now is not the time or place. Let's just enjoy the music. 'Secret' was released as the first single from Bedtime Stories and marked an extremely distinct change from previous album Erotica. As in, she's not groping herself or getting the boobies out. Alright, there's the occasional grope here and there, but the music style is incredibly different. Madonna's proved a million times in her career that change is good. This change was excellent.

#11 - Into the Groove
Album: Like A Virgin Re-issue (1985)

And you can dance... for inspiration.

Oh so 80s. 'Into the Groove' makes you want to grab the nearest pair of neon leg warmers, head on down to the discotheque and literally start grooving. You know the groove I'm talking about; the ridiculous and goofy one in every 80s movie where you look like your having the best aneurysm of your life! Now that's how you groove. I suppose this counts as another Madonna film song, but I've never seen Desperately Seeking Susan. I'm sure no one under the age of 30 has either.

Are you ready for the top 10 Madonna songs? Check back tomorrow for the next edition!

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