Friday, 6 January 2012

Song of the Day - I'm So Postmodern

The Bedroom Philosopher - I'm So Post Modern
Album: In Bed With My Doona (2005)

If you ever get a chance to see The Bedroom Philosopher, you must get yourself a ticket! Never having heard much of his comedy music, I could only refer to him as 'the weirdo in a red shirt' when he walked on stage as the final support act for The Dresden Dolls at The Tivoli last night. When he walked off the stage I still called him 'the weirdo in a red shirt' but I added hilarious between 'the' and 'weirdo.' This man had me literally LOLing throughout his entire set, which highlighted his conflicted past as a Christian ('Saving Myself for Marriage') as well as his desire to find more suitable acronyms for men than S.N.A.G ('Acronymphomaniac'). I'm not one that usually buys a comedy album, but after seeing The Bedroom Philosopher I went on the iTunes and purchased In Bed With My Doona. I think I'll be enjoying it all weekend... and beyond?

Dresden Dolls review to come later today!

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