Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Song of the Day - Stay

Shaun Brennan - Stay

You can discover quality music, new and old, from a variety of sources. Radio, music blogs, music charts, TV shows, movies, friends, siblings... the list goes on. One untapped and extremely valuable resource? Your parents. Seriously, Ma and Pa Bond know some great music and are responsible for introducing me to the sounds of Motown, Disco, Country and Classic Rock. Sometimes they can even throw some amazing new music my way and that brings us to our song of the day.

Shaun Brennan is an emerging Irish singer with a handful of memorable tracks online, the best of which is 'Stay.' Brennan's got a great, unique voice working for him and it combines brilliantly with featured vocalist, Linda Fitzgerald. Somebody call the music director on Grey's Anatomy, get this song on the show, let Brennan gain mass exposure and see his career take off. If you're searching for more info, you're not going to find much more than some excellent music on YouTube (attempt to find a photo... fail). Really though, what more do you want from a promising new artist than quality music? He might be letting his music speak for itself now, but you'd think this is one singer-songwriter we'll be hearing a lot more about very soon. Here's to a breakthrough 2012!

Rating: 4/5

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