Friday, 6 January 2012

Yes, The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls (05/01/2012)
Live at The Tivoli, Brisbane.
Supported by: The Bedroom Philosopher and The Jane Austen Argument

After five long years The Dresden Dolls have finally brought their live punk-cabaret goodness back to Australia's shores. As only the great Amanada Palmer can do, she hand picked some perfectly suitable and entertaining support acts too! The Dolls personally introduced The Jane Austen Argument, The Bedroom Philosopher and some random hometown juggler/stripper dudes combo and in all honesty the three groups combined to become one of the greatest pre-show line-ups I've seen. I probably should have prefaced that by saying my enjoyment was solely based on how much laughter was had, but I was laughing with them so that's all good, right?

After 9:00 the crowd was pumped and ready for the night's main event; Boston's pride and joy, The Dresden Dolls! With no new album to promote, Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione played an extremely tight and energetic set that Palmer herself described as a tribute to the band's faithful followers. All the big name songs were present, from JJJ faves, 'Coin-Operated Boy' and 'Girl Anachronism,' to personal loves, 'Missed Me,' 'Gravity' and 'Mrs. O.' When I saw AFP at the Old Museum last year, the perfect vocal delivery present in her live performances made me fall in love with so many different songs I didn't appreciate enough on Who Killed Amanda Palmer? The same can also be said of last night's performance. 'Utlima Esperanza' has a beautiful backstory, with the track itself telling the story of a friend of Palmer's in Berlin who found himself engaged, via the internet, to a girl he had never met before in the USA. Listen to the lyrics closely to understand the gravity of how incredible that story really is.

Our ballad for the evening came in the form of 'Boston.' How I've never heard it before I can't quite seem to comprehend. Along with 'The Perfect Fit' (which sadly missed the set-list cut), this could be the greatest piece of songwriting you'll find in The Dresden Dolls' catalogue. The downers were few and far between and the show went on with more highlights than a pack of Smiggle highlighters. Brisbane fan, Steve, got a chance to rock out with the band, playing bass on a cover of The Beastie Boys' '(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).' Everyone was loving the shit out of Steve, demanding more of the guitar hero once he left. "Oh, it's all about Steve now!" Don't worry Amanda, everyone was focused solely on you and Brian. The two stood out as world class performers, perfectly in sync with each other. Since the early days of The Dresden Dolls through to Virginia's (Yes and No) Palmer's voice has developed in leaps and bounds. Viglione's comic timing is great, but the man is one of the best darn drummers out there too.

Other awesome moments? How about The Dresden Dolls' take on AFP's 'Astronaut?' That was delicious. How about their cover of 'Mein Herr?' Now that is a brilliant encore track. Overall this was one of the funnest shows I've seen in a long time and well worth the $$$ spent. My anticipation for a new Dresden Dolls album begins now! If you're in Perth, (r)Adelaide or any of the other cities that are part of The Dresden Dolls' national tour and you don't have a ticket... GO GET ONE NOW!

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