Thursday, 2 February 2012

New To The Scene - Double Lined Minority

Double Lined Minority

Australia has a huge wealth of emerging talent breaking into the music industry. Aussie Hip-Hop is on the rise, Matt Corby looks set to dominate the indie and pop charts this year and there's always some random X-Factor contestant releasing something from that dance-electro-pop-like genre all the kids are iTunesing. You like rock? You've got The Jezabels. Country? Lanie Lane. Where does that leave post-punk lovers? Are they to be left out of the rise of Australia's new wave? Nay! Why not try Gold Coast locals, Double Lined Minority.

If you're a fan of JJJ Unearthed, you've probably already heard some of their catchy, Blink-182 inspired tracks like 'Fireworks' and 'My Confession Puppet.' You might have even seen them rocking the Hot Produce Stage at the 2012 Big Day Out in what would surely have been a dream come true for the four young lads that make up the band. They've also released their debut album, With Fingers Crossed, independently in 2011 to a positive response. The post-punk/pop-punk genres are areas of music that most people learn to love in their teens. They then grow out of it and put on some trousers that don't hang way too low. I think Double Lined Minority show a lot of potential to enjoy their current sound now and as they grow up, mature the music they're making for an audience that will grow up with them.

Clearly, pop-punk isn't my favourite genre. I believe I've just reached the point in my life where I'm too old for it. Still, I'd much rather listen to Double Lined Minority on the radio then those wanks from Short Stack. Who's with me?

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