Monday, 20 February 2012

New To The Scene - The Medics

The Medics

As part of our interest in focusing on quality new music coming out of Australia, specifically Queensland, we're going to make 'New To The Scene' a regular feature around here. In the first edition, we took a look at the Gold Coast's exciting pop-punk prospects, Double Lined Minority and today we're turning our attention in the direction of future indie superstars, The Medics. Hailing from Cairns and now based in Brisbane (the best city in the world), the band has been building up a reputation for incredible live performances on the festival circuit since the release of the This Boat We Call Love EP in 2010.

Highly praised performances at the 2012 Big Day Out and Laneway Festivals have seen the buzz for their soon to be released debut LP escalate rapidly to the surprise of no one who has listened to their music. Check out 'Beggars' and you'll understand exactly why JJJ had it on high rotation towards the end of 2011. Kahl Wallace's entrancing vocals against the band's tight, complimentary riffs and beats make you believe that this is one Australian act with the potential to really make an impact and not just here. With the success of The Temper Trap and Tame Impala in international markets as well as the overwhelming success of Gotye, all eyes are going to be on Australia's indie music scene to see which band will emerge as the next big thing. I'm going to say The Medics have an incredibly high chance of being that band.

What we have here is a band that makes it incredibly easy for you to root for them. Their music is cool without being pretentious and their sound manages to be fresh despite obvious homages to the past. When they finally get around to releasing their full-length debut, I believe the quality will be just another reason to wish them a world of success.

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