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It's My Kind Of Interview - Mardi Lumsden

Mardi Lumsden!

As a follow up to our 'New To The Scene' post on the most awesome-ly awesome Brisbane group, Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas, we've got a special little treat lined up for you today! Singer-songwriter Mardi Lumsden was kind enough to take some time to answer a couple of our questions which is a big deal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, she puts the Mardi Lumsden in Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas. Secondly, we love her music. Finally... this is our first ever artist interview on It's My Kind of Scene!! Even better? It's definitely not going to be our last artist interview... we've got some more lined up for the next couple of weeks. This is 'It's My Kind Of Interview' with the uber-talented Mardi Lumsden. Get excited!

Q. When the year is done and dusted, what do you hope Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas have accomplished?

ML: By the end of this year I want to have started recording our debut album. My husband / banjo player and I have just bought a church which we are converting into a home so I am hoping it will be an inspiring space and give us room to set up a bit of a home studio.

Q. You're no stranger to winning Q Music Awards, walking away the winner of the Folk/Ballad 'Q Song' prize in 2010 for the incredibly infectious track 'Classified (WVTM).' Have you set your sights on the revamped Queensland Music Awards for 2012?

ML: You've got to be in it ... I have a couple of new tracks I might enter but I'm particularly excited about the new Queensland Music Awards category, Children's Music. I think there are a lot of people making fantastic music in Queensland and QMA is a great way to find new music and recognise talent.

Q. Congratulations! You've just been selected to undertake a tremendous space voyage to Mars. It takes a lot of time to get to Mars... so what albums will you be taking to pass the time AND why?

ML: Hmmm ... I am assuming I am taking my iPod so I can take most of my collection. :) Sufjan Stevens' Age of Adz is fantastic and has a good spacey vibe to it, so that would have to come. A good amount of Iron and Wine (I have Around the Well on repeat at the moment), Bon Iver, Gillian Welch and Lucie Thorne would be necessary and I like the irony of listening to lo-fi folky music while on a space mission. Also a hefty dose of some of my favourite Brisbane artists (Alan Boyle, Chris Pickering, Sue Ray, Tim Carroll, Cam Elliott, Dan Parsons, Emma Louise, Steve Grady, Cub Scouts, Inland Sea ... shall I go on?) to keep me from getting homesick.

Q. Brisbane's music scene is pretty darn exciting right now. Have any of your contemporaries caught your eyes and ears?

ML: See list above (and many more). There is so much good music coming our of Brisbane (and Queensland). There aren't a lot of places to go and hear the kind of music I love so it is about knowing what is happening and getting there. I love The Round, a songwriter's space at Dowse Bar on a Wednesday night. It is three songwriters talking about their songs and playing in a striped back setting. The room is always completely attentive and as a songwriter there is no greater compliment.

Q. Where can we see Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas over the next couple of months and what can fans expect from the shows?

ML: I am focusing on writing this year so we won't be playing too many shows. Saying that, Pennay and I are doing duo sets at the West End Twilight Markets on 14 April (with Pear and the Awkward Orchestra and Inland Sea) and supporting Phil Monsour at his album launch at South Leagues Club in west end on 21 April.

A big thank you to Mardi for taking the time to have a virtual chat! Head on over to Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas official website for more fun and more awesome music.

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