Saturday, 3 March 2012

Must Listen - Ma Polaine's Great Decline

Ma Polaine's Great Decline

It's become something of a habit for me to check my e-mails, Facebook and favourite music blogs as soon as I wake up. Sometimes something amazing is waiting for me, as was the case when I checked my inbox this morning. Taking into account it takes me approximately three hours to actually wake up, I found myself questioning if I was, in fact, still sleeping when I began listening to the self titled EP from Ma Polaine's Great Decline. More accurately, I was wondering if I managed to figure out that whole 'how to travel back in time' thing when Beth Packer's sublime voice filled my room on the track 'The Wrong Side.' Then I remembered I was listening to the music on my iPad.

All feelings of stupidity disappear as the EP's next song, 'The Poison Sits,' begins to play. "Do I make you uncomfortable? Does it suck the air out of you?" Nope, not uncomfortable... but yeah, a little breathless. Sitting through the next two tracks, the jazz infused 'Sweet Cold Harbour' and 'Devil's Touch,' the band has me firmly in the palm of their hands. The realisation that they've literally saved the best until last dawns as 'No Words We Need' draws the album to a close. Country, blues, soul... 'No Words We Need' blends genres so simply, creating a stunning ballad that will keep you coming back for more. The perfect song to end a perfect introduction to Ma Polaine's Great Decline.

I'm awake and now I need to know more about these guys; where are they from? The UK. Chances of seeing them live? Quite good... for those of you in London. You can find out about their March touring schedule at the Ma Polaine's Great Decline website! Where do they fit in/which genres do they explore? Listing "an infusion of blues, country, gypsy jazz, vaudeville and music hall," as their main focus, it's hard to put a definitive label on a band like this, which is kind of awesome. Nothing is off limits to them and it will be very interesting to see them grow and branch out even further. If I get the chance to head to London in May, I'll definitely be checking them out! Ma Polaine's Great Decline were an unexpectedly awesome way to start the weekend with. I hope you love them as much as I do!

EP Rating: 5/5

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