Sunday, 1 April 2012

New To The Scene - The Trouble With Templeton

Thomas Calder aka The Trouble With Templeton

Brisbane is home to a great wealth of emerging acts right now. In the past couple of months we've taken a look at The Medics, Inland Sea, Mardi Lumsden and the Rising Seas, Streamer Bendy and The Cairos; artists that all have an incredibly bright future ahead of them. Today, we're pretty excited to share the music of Brisbane's own Thomas Calder, better known by his moniker, The Trouble With Templeton.

Combining the best elements of folk, indie rock and pop with an inviting vocal style, Calder stands alongside Matt Corby and Matt Walters as one Australian singer-songwriter of the male variety you're going to want to keep your eye on. His debut album, Bleeders, was released in November last year and you can stream it in its entirety from The Trouble With Templeton website... and then buy it! Trust me, this collection of lyrical gems will win you over. Every song has its merits, but I find 'Home,' 'Someday Soon,' and the title track will have you coming back for more, especially 'Home.' That is one fine song.

We've also got to mention how impressed we are with the music video for 'Bleeders.' Beautifully shot and perfectly complimentary to the song, we haven't been as impressed with a video to come out of Australia since 'Somebody That I Used To Know.' Alright, enough chit-chat... go and listen to Bleeders, fall in love with The Trouble With Templeton and make sure you share said love with all of your friends.  

Find out more about The Trouble With Templeton:

Official Website

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  1. Agreed! LOVE the Trouble with Templeton and LOVE that fantastic Video as well


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