Sunday, 22 April 2012

New To The Scene - Young Wonder

Young Wonder!

Young Wonder EP by Young-Wonder

When you're from Australia, you don't go to a country far, far away and stick around for a day or two. Nah, when Aussies travel we tend to make the most of it. Last week we headed to Ireland for 'New To The Scene' to check out our new rocking favourites, Neon Wolf. While we won't exactly be applying for a two-year visa, we're going to stick around the Emerald Isle for another week to scope out some other exciting emerging Irish acts. It took all of about two-point-five seconds to stumble upon Young Wonder and the trippy magic that is 'Orange.' I think I'm in love.


Young Wonder is pretty much what would happen if Bjork and The Knife made the babies together. Yes, THE babies, for there are two intriguing artists that make up Young Wonder; vocalist Rachel Koeman and producer Ian Ring. Hailing from Cork, the electronic duo has just released their debut EP, Young Wonder, a fascinating collection of five immersive tracks and three remixes. 'Flesh' samples a sample, as Ring seamlessly weaves a segment of The Avalanches' 'Since I Left You' alongside Koeman's striking voice. Closing instrumental 'Pulse' ends way too soon for my liking, leaving you wanting more. It's 'Orange' though that I keep going back to. This dreamy number is doing a great deal of healing to my poorly damaged brain. I must have been forced to listen to LMFAO a hundred times at the (beautiful) wedding I went to yesterday. 'Orange' is taking a lot of that pain away.


So, what can you do now? Have a listen to the Young Wonder EP in full over on the group's Soundcloud page and then once you've fallen in love with it (one listen will more than likely do it), head on over to Young Wonder's Bandcamp page to pick up the EP for the low, low price of 5 Euro. Remember Australian readers, our dollar's pretty sweet at the moment!

Find out more about Young Wonder:


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