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Who Do You Think You Are - Ellie R

Meet Ellie. She has a golden personality and loves Simple Plan (kidding). Say hi!

It's that special time of the week where we get to hear from one of our amazing Facebook 'likers' and ask them some questions about the music they love, hate and everything in between. Mostly love and hate. Stepping up this week is the exquisite Ellie R and we've asked her about music videos, live acts, songs she hates and more!

Q. What are some of your favourite music videos?


Ellie:  Gotye’s music video for 'Somebody That I Used to Know' is one of my favourites. I love how simply the clip begins, naked Gotye standing in front of a plain wall and then as the song develops the artwork beings to envelop the background and him. Yes the song itself is amazing but this is a music video that gives further depth to the lyrics and in turn illustrates the overall meaning of the song exceptionally well. I think the music video for 'Easy Way Out' by Gotye is pretty cool too. I like the use of live action and stop motion as well as the subtle use of animation. Each time I watch the clip I find myself noticing something new. It’s a fun music video. Seeing Lady Gaga’s music video for 'Alejandro' the day it was released online is surprisingly a fond moment of mine. It was over 40 degrees and the tiles were burning hot, there was no seating and the balcony was the only area in the house you could get a decent internet connection. I was in a small suburb just outside of Tel Aviv in Israel waiting for this video to load, so you can only imagine why this was such the event. For the entire 8 minutes and 44 seconds, no one spoke and our eyes were glued to the laptop. Immediately capturing all of our attention this video soon became a favourite of mine. The significant imagery throughout the clip leaves viewers with the opportunity to explore a multitude of different meanings, which I like. I wouldn’t consider myself a massive fan of Gaga, however I do love her music videos. Really though, who wouldn’t love watching a group of men dance around in high waisted short shorts?

Q. Who are the best and worst live acts you've seen?


Ellie: At 14, I would have said that the best live act I have seen was Good Charlotte’s performance at the Brisbane Convention Centre. It was the 19th of February and we had purchased the tickets on eBay that day for The Chronicles of Life and Death tour. Actually, I can’t even explain to you in words how this show made me feel. Standing a few rows from the stage, Ill simply just say it was a very emotional experience.
The first major concert I went to though was at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre to see Green Day’s American Idiot tour with Simple Plan as the support act (I need to make it clear right now that I was not and am not a fan of Simple Plan). The concert was on my 15th Birthday and I was beyond excited that I got to go out on a school night. That night was the beginning of my love for live music performances. I was amazed by the performance of Bille Joe and the bands overall high energy. Not only did they interact well with each other but also the audience which shaped a very entertaining show.

If I fast forward to 2012, I would say that the sounds of Seeker Lover Keeper and the way each of their voices projected through St John’s Cathedral was one show that sent shivers up my spine and gave me goose bumps all over. At the beginning of this year I saw Justice, I had been waiting a long time to see the duo perform and it was well worth the wait. It could possibly have been one of the happiest moments of my life to date. Please note it was not because I am a festival head or had taken an array of party-time narcotics. The performance from the electronic duo was everything you would expect and more. Every part of their set was phenomenal from the way the stage was set up, to the energetic crowd and Gaspard playing the piano to the ‘drops’ in Phantom.

MGMT at Splendour in the Grass 2009 was no doubt the worst performance I have ever seen. The crowd of over 10 000 crammed into the tent was really excited for the band to come on. Twenty minutes after they were due to begin we quickly realised that the band had in fact been on stage playing. We could not hear any sound from vocals to instruments; all that we could hear was the crowd speaking amongst each other. Understandably we left in disappointment.

Q. What's your most hated song?

Ellie: Well that’s easy. Taio Cruz's 'Hangover.' No one cares that you have a hangover, don’t write a song about it. Idiot. Everything about this song frustrates me. The upbeat tempo is certainly not one you would team with lyrics like, "I’ve got a hangover," because if you really did have a hangover would you be bouncing around listening to this? Not likely. Mr Cruz apparently wants to drink until he throws up. Well, I want to throw up when I hear this song. Taio Cruz can fuck off. 

Q. What music are you listening to at the moment?


Ellie: When I’m not singing at the top of my lungs to One Erections, sorry, Direction's hit 'What Makes You Beautiful,' I’ve been playing Miike Snow’s latest album Happy To You. I also still love their debut album Miike Snow from 2009. Gotye's Making Mirrors, Kimbra’s album Vows and I do like a lot of Oh Land’s music. I’ve recently also been enjoying a number of songs by Melbourne indie pop band Snakadaktal. They are only a new addiction of mine but since their gig on Thursday night at The Zoo I love their somewhat dreamy sounds. Literally right this moment though, playing in the background as I answer this question is Royksopp, 'What Else Is There.'

Q. Who do you have left on your music bucket list?

Ellie: I would like to see The Cure live, as well as Daft Punk!

Thanks for stopping by and for some fantastic answers, Ellie! Don't forget Facebook peeps... you could be next!   

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