Monday, 7 May 2012

New Music Monday #6

Love Lost In Design EP
by Neon Wolf

Irish alternative outfit, Neon Wolf have much to celebrate. Love Lost In Design, their debut EP, was released last week and has already topped Ireland's iTunes albums chart. It's quite a big deal considering they're outpacing an on-form Norah Jones. They can also celebrate the overall quality of Love Lost In Design, a rocking debut comprised of five winning tracks that show a world of potential for this young band. Current single and It's My Kind of Scene favourite, 'All of it's Yours,' kicks off proceedings spectacularly. You should already have heard and loved it, so let's talk about some of the other tracks. 'No Other Soul' is pretty dreamy. You can thank Rob Grace's vocals for that and the backup harmonies from Stevie Cullen and Liam Doyle. The track is equal parts dream pop, Beach Boys-ish surf rock with a more alternative edge and damn fine indie rock. As a fan of layered vocal parts, the last segment of title track 'Love Lost In Design' has had me hitting repeat as soon as the song finishes more than once. I love the simplicity of the chorus in 'We Own The Sky.' Just like 'All of it's Yours' it's essentially the title repeated for the most part, but it's catchy as anything you're likely to hear this year. Other than their debut single, I'd say 'We Own The Sky' has the most crossover potential for the band. It's a track you want to hear again and again and it's the perfect track to close out the EP. Final verdict? A most excellent debut that leaves you anticipating the release of a full-length LP. Get working on it lads, we can't wait to hear more from you. Given that this is a debut EP and a very strong one at that, I feel Neon Wolf are very deserving of...

Matt Bond gives the Love Lost in Design EP five Eddie Vedder's out of five...

Figure It Out
by Serj Tankian
Album: Harakiri (July 10, 2012)

Unless you are an uber nerd fan of System Of A Down, the name Serj Tankian will probably mean nothing to you. That’s the name of System Of A Down’s lead singer who this week released his own single, ‘Figure It Out,’ from his third solo effort, Harakiri. While I’d like to say this was a new direction for him to take, a refreshing sound, a challenge to his talent and maybe even an interesting song, I can’t. Like everything he does, it sounds like something System Of A Down would have recorded when they were all in high school. The lyrics are unchallenging, boring, even a little comedic but that doesn’t save the song. Unfortunately for Serj, he can’t escape his own voice, so unless he moves into some electronica dance type sound, everything he does is going to sound like the band that made him famous. Unfortunately, he says he is going to release four more of his own albums this year. Oh dear. He says Harakiri is the fastest record he has ever written in his life. Hmmm, maybe you should rethink that Serj, perhaps if you’d spent some more time on this it might have helped. Also, what’s your producer’s excuse? Shouldn’t someone step in here and say, “You know, you have some talent, let’s work on this a little longer.” Apparently not. If no one else will say it, I will. Go back and do it again Serj or go away and come back with those others in that band of yours. You obviously need them.

Jo Micelmore gives 'Figure It Out' one Chad Kroeger out of five...


Where Have You Been
by Rihanna
Album: Talk That Talk (2011)

Everyone understands that Rihanna is hotter than hell, right? Great, no need to go over that... again. Let's just say that she looks better with each video and Dave Meyers' 'Where Have You Been' clip doesn't buck that trend. Playing crocodile in the swampy marsh, getting her tribal pirate on in the world's fakest desert, Diana Ross-ing it with fire hands, magic voodoo lady or just being naked; there's no story, but who cares. This is a pure pop video, reminiscent of 90s Janet Jackson clips like 'Together Again,' just with the world's fakest desert. Which I love. There's something about the ridiculous faux rocks and trees that makes me like the video, even if I'm laughing at it. Hi-Hat's choreography is a lot of fun, some of the best we've seen in a Rihanna video. Not that choreographed dancing's ever been a big thing for her, but what we get in 'Where Have You Been' is quite good. That moment when Diana Rosshanna and friends form the blinking eye is very cool. 'Where Have You Been' isn't Rihanna's greatest video, but it's a nice addition to her catalogue and the song's a wonderful pop mess that you can't help but want to dance to. Enjoy! 

 Matt Bond gives the 'Where Have You Been' music video three Britney's out of five...

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