Monday, 21 May 2012

New Music Monday #8

Amanda F'n Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra!

Do It With A Rockstar
by Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra
Album: Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra (2012)

Any semi-regular reader (hello, anyone?) will know how much we here at itsmykindofscene love Amanda Palmer; lots. This single is just another example of why. She’s been making all sorts of internet waves recently with her kickstarter campaign to fund her new album and raising over $750,000 so far she is showing the major labels how to work the music industry in a whole new way (you can still join the fun by pledging some cash before 31 May 2012. Do it! Matt and I have!) ‘Do It With A Rockstar’ (which you can download for free at is the first single from Amanda’s next album to be released in September and it’s an Amanda Palmer I love, rocking with a rich, full sound, and some great harmonies. Of course, in true Amanda Palmer style, the lyrics drag you in and demand you listen, with the slightly dark and fabulous lines “I’ll be fine in a minute, fine in a minute” repeating over and over again at the end, leaving you begging for more. Love it. September can’t arrive quickly enough. Please, Amanda, more?!

Jo Michelmore gives 'Do It With A Rockstar' four Shirley Manson's out of five...

by Sparrow
Album: However Did The Wolf Get It (2012)

What is it about Brighton and its surrounds in the UK that produces such great bands and why do I live so far away? I’m currently smitten with this cute four piece, Sparrow, from the aforementioned place. This single, ‘Move’ is the second from their deliciously named album ‘However Did The Wolf Get In?’. It starts simply, just a catchy little guitar riff until everything kicks in and the lyric “It’s time to lose yourself, come and let’s go, my favourite song on the radio” sucks you in and starts you bouncing and keeps you listening. The clip matches this charming pop song perfectly, so simple you can’t help but keep watching and the little chorus will be stuck in your head at the end of these cute three and a half minutes. This is a band I don’t know much about, but after discovering this (and the first clip ‘Beautiful’ from the same album) I’ll definitely be checking out the back catalogue and falling deeper and deeper in love with them! This song will most certainly be on repeat for a few days yet.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Move' three Karen O's out of five...


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
by Lisa Marie Presley
Album: Storm and Grace (2012)

I was having a conversation with someone a month or two ago about Lisa Marie. We talked about her choice in husbands, her foray into music many moons ago, living in the shadow of her famous father, her audio tour of Graceland, that constant look of, "why, yes... I do self-medicate in every single way," that's on her face. Was it you? Were you the lucky one I had this conversation with? Because we were saying, "I wonder if she'll ever make the music again?" To answer our question... yes. Yes she has. Lisa Marie Presley has released the video for 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' and... it's perfectly acceptable, isn't it? The tone of the video compliments that of the song, it holds your attention (AH - snake!) and Lisa herself occasionally looks interested in being there. She also looks like she's found a way to stop ageing. At 44, she's never looked better. Probably because she's not standing next to Nicolas Cage or cray-cray MJ. Less attractive by association? At the very least, the video for 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' has got me interested in checking out new album, Storm and Grace. What more can you ask a music video to do? 

Matt Bond gives the 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' video three Alanis Morissette's out of five...

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