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Who Do You Think You Are - Lou Endicott

Meet Lou! She loves to boogie on down, has touched Janet Jackson and always has a flock of animated birds flying around her head. Do you have a flock of animated birds flying around your head? Didn't think so. 

That's right kiddies, it's that time of the week... 'Who Do You Think You Are' is back again and today we're chatting with the lovely Lou Endicott about road trip tunes, amazing live performances and much, much more. Let's get to it!

Q. What are you listening to at the moment?

My iTunes is on random shuffle. At the moment I am listening to the impeccable and sadly missed Eva Cassidy singing 'Fields of Gold.'

Q. What were you listening to this time last year?

I have such an eclectic mix of music - new and old. New music: I started listening to Imogen Heap last year and got all her albums. So in terms of new music I was probably digesting her back catalogue and new album. I can't remember when it came out, but last year I bought Gotye's album and it became an instant classic and most played album in my car. New old music: I started listening to Nick Drake last year after a friend gave me an album. I now have all of his albums. Amazing musician who again, sadly left the world too soon.

Q. What are some of your favourite live music moments?

This is hard as I LOVE seeing live music. Here's a few (too many!):

Imogen Heap - at The Palais in Melbourne rocked my world. She sampled all kinds of sounds live (including the audience) and played piano, keys, synth and was backed by a band. She was so charismatic live - funny, warm and clearly having a ball on stage - which made the audience join in on the party.

Monsieur Camembert - at Woodford Folk Festival. I randomly walked into a packed tent of people and saw this incredible gypsy swing fusion band playing. Everyone was seated but I couldn't sit and not dance so I found a spot near the front and danced by myself. The most amazing thing (apart from the can't-sit-and-just-watch music was the saxophonist who played the sax and the clarinet - SIMULTANEOUSLY!! The band thanked me at the end (when I got my newly purchased album signed) for dancing and said that my dancing egged them on. LOL.

Woodford in general holds a lot of fond memories of live music (too many to mention!). Some of the best stuff I have seen has been in tents with a small audience. I remember seeing Kate Miller-Heidke with about ten other people at Woodford. By the end of her set, the passerbys had stepped in and packed it out. Magic.

Janet Jackson - Brisbane Entertainment Centre. I saw her when I was about 18. I literally had back row tickets. I got there with two girlfriends mega early as Mum had dropped us off to wait in the foyer so that we wouldn't be waiting n the dark. While waiting we met Omar - one of Janet's dancers. He asked us where we were sitting and we showed him our tickets. He gave us front row centre tickets instead. And yep, I totally touched Janet's hand! LOL.

Roget Waters, "The Wall" - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. I have been a Pink Floyd fan since I was a teenager, so seeing Roger live was an incredible treat. I loved how at this concert they used high tech huge multi media screens to create a whole world that we were brought into as an audience.

Jon Gomm - Thornbury Theater. This guy is an internet sensation more so than a star of radio etc. A friend showed me a clip of him a few months ago and my mouth flapped open and remained that way for the whole song. His style is guitar drifting - playing guitar as a percussion instrument while at the same time strumming and plucking. His live show was superb. Her came down into the audience at the end, unplugged and walked around the crowd singing the Radiohead song, 'High and Dry.' I think a lot of people choked up at this song and his willingness to just be the unplugged bard amongst the fans who support him.

Mager and Smythe - All over the place. These guys (Tim Mager and Kai Smythe) are two old actor friends of mine and will be huge stars in the near future. They have been touring a show called In Search of Atlantis for the last year and a half. I have seen it seven time. The music is incredible - similar  style to Tenacious D. Tim plays guitar and Kai plays mandolin. Their voices blend in gorgeous harmony. I just can't get enough of the songs. They are firstly hilarious, but secondly so darn beautiful that I get shivers. Thank god they made an album of the show or I would be out of pocket travelling around to each festival to hear them!

The Trouble With Templeton - Corner Hotel, Melbourne. I used to teach the superbly talented Tom Calder acting - between the ages of 9 and 14. I have remained in contact with a lot of my past students. So when he launched this outfit in more recent times, I was really keen to hear what his sound was. First time I heard his music I promptly bawled my eyes out as he had turned into a man - and a darn fine artist. Seeing him live (now a 21 year old man) was amazing. His voice and stage presence are simply magic.

OK, LOOK... I COULD BE HERE REMINISCING FOREVER ON AMAZING LIVE MUSIC! LOL [:-)] Live music in general rocks my socks! Be it Irish, Spanish, Gypsy, rock, jazz, folk, original, etc... Sometimes the obscure and small gigs are my favourite. I always try and buy the CD if I can and meet the artist if the gig is small.

Q. Do you have any music guilty pleasures? 

Fleetwood Mac rock my world - particularly when I am cleaning my house! I also admit I write and record my own music and have a secret playlist to listen to so I can mull over ideas when I am out walking. My own music is a big mash and clearly influenced by all the eclectic stuff I listen to (I write folk, modern instrumental on keys, dance loops, accapella - but not at the same time!). This is pretty much for the iPod only!

Q. How has your taste changed as you've grown up?

I have no idea what's on the top forty (SOOOO important when I was a teen/tween). I remember being teased for listening to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald at my talent school that I went to as a teen and told, "you will be soooo embarrassed about these CDs one day!" Actually, the opposite. I am more embarrassed by the crud I danced to at the talent school back then. My jazz CDs are still on rotation.

Do you still love now what you loved as a teenager or child and what's your favourite musical memory from your childhood? 

My favourite music moment as a teen was seeing All You Need is Beatles at the Lyric Theatre, Brisbane. When I was 16, my older brother and I got tickets to see the Queensland Youth Orchestra with a host of Australian musicians pay tribute to The Beatles. My brother had only just introduced me to them. Hearing the music with a full orchestra and lead guitar by Tommy Emmanuel - well, I just went to musical heaved. I have adored The Beatles ever since.

Q. What song would you love to have written and why? 

'Imagine' by John Lennon - simple but beautiful. 'Mess Around' by Ray Charles - the piano is SOOOO amazing. I have to dance when I hear it. I have played this song to five year olds and asked them to sit and listen. They can't. They get up and go crazy. And I join in. Any ballad that Tom Waits has written - he writes such beautiful ballads. Any song by Joni Mitchell - one of the world's best female songwriters. Any Crowded House or Split Enz songs - incredible songwriters.

Q. What are your favourite songs for a road trip?

Again, eclectic is the way to go. I have a huge six hour trip to NSW next week (doing a drama regional tour). I think I will start with Tom Waits' new album, Bad as Me. It has so many gems on it, including a song called 'Get Lost,' which is about leaving work to go on a road trip. I hope I don't get lost! LOL.

Wow. I just wrote A LOT! On my nights in at home, my favourite thing to do is share a bottle of vino with my man Troy and play YouTube DJ. I enjoy theming my evening. Last week I made a playlist of greatest dance moments over the last seventy years or so. I added songs from musicals, movies and favourite video clips. The week before I trawled for Motown hits. The week before that I went looking up new music. Triple J Unearthed is a good starting point for new sounds.

I think I kinda dig it.
In fact, it's my kinda scene.

See what Lou did there? We like it. Thanks for a fantastically amazing read Lou! Don't forget readers... you could be next, so be prepared! 

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