Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Who Do You Think You Are - Melody Levi

Meet Melody. She's a rockin' babe with an excellent taste in music and she's got pink hair. Well, in this photo she does!

We're back with our favourite weekly segment in which we turn the tables on one of our beautiful Facebook likers and ask them some questions. This week, Melody Levi discusses guilty pleasures, song lyrics and her own musical background. She's a guitarist. Gentlemen, start your swooning! Do guys swoon? Let's hear from Melody!

Melody Levi

Q. What are you currently listening to?

Been listening to my latest purchase, Blunderbuss by Jack White. Madly in love. Dying to know when he'll come perform for Brisbane. Did catch him when Dead Weather toured last. One of the best concerts I've ever been to. Also re listening to a bit of Bjork, The Stooges and always have Queen on stand by.

Q. What are your musical guilty pleasures?


 I'd say 90's pop songs. When I was little I loved all the usual offenders; Hanson, Spice Girls, Five, S Club 7 ect. My friends and I knew all the dances and lyrics religiously. We'd perform them in our rooms or on the patio. These songs created a fun foundation for my love of music and remind me of my childhood so when they hit the radio I'm often found singing and dancing away. More of a pleasure than guilt really.

Q. If you could go to any music venue, anywhere in the world and see any musician, living or dead, where would you go, who would you see?

If I could I would want to go back in time to Woodstock to watch Joe Cocker perform 'With a Little Help From My Friends,' the Beatles cover live, or perhaps Live Aid '85 to watch Freddie Mercury and Queen ignite the world.

Q. What are your favourite lyrics and are there any lyrics that have changed you or your opinion of something/someone?

I love lyrics! To me they are the entire reason for writing a song. Mankind has used songs to teach and entertain well before technology, even today children learn the alphabet through song! There's so many amazing lyrics and lyricists but one that comes to mind is Michael Tomlinson of Yves Klein Blue. He was kind enough to email me while on tour in Europe and shared some of his songwriting knowledge with me. Very kind, great mind.

Q. What's the first music you ever loved?


That's difficult. Kitty told me the first song I ever sang in its entirety was 'Nothing Compares 2 U' by Sinead O'Connor. We were in the kitchen, I was maybe four at the time. She sat me next to the radio on the bench. That song came on and it was big at the time so I must've heard it before. I sang it word for word, in tune and on time. Shocked her completely.

Q. First album; do you still have it, do you still love it?

The first album I ever purchased on my own was Micheal Jackson's Dangerous. Mum gave me the money and I paid for and chose the album myself. I love his music for its theatrical, up beat feel. He's influenced so many people over the years. A little part of my inner child was crushed to hear he'd passed.

Q. What instruments do you play and what's your favourite song to play and sing?

I've been playing guitar for six or seven years now. Purchased a Tanglewood TRSF-CE Electric Acoustic in 2010 which gets the job done. I learnt guitar so I could put my lyrics to music. Took me so long to master singing and playing at the same time as I was never trained for it. Love playing my own originals but I have learnt to play 'The Only Exception' by Paramore and more recently 'Love Interruption' by Jack White. I also dabble in a little piano and bass.

Ladies and gentlemen, Melody Levi! Thanks so much for stopping by. Now... when can we hear some of your music, Melody?! 

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