Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Who Do You Think You Are - Samantha Gilkes

Meet Sam. She's got an awesome taste in music, is a spectacular artist and has the three most beautiful children in the world. Those children just so happen to have the best Uncle in the world too.

I'm pretty excited about tonight's edition of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Why? Because our very special guest for the evening is my amazing sister, Sam! If I was to compile a list of people who have helped shape my views on music, Sam would be right at the top. Since I was but a young boy with the spiked up hair (nickname - Little China), Sam has been introducing me to some of the greatest music of all time. She'd play me The Doors in her bedroom when I was four and shares an equal amount of love for Fleetwood Mac, Grunge acts and even Beyonce. She's also a pretty big deal in the Brisbane craft community under her moniker, Jetta's Nest; your one-stop destination for beautiful artwork, vintage children's clothing and so much more. We had a chat about favourite music venues, guilty pleasures, hypothetical dinners with dead or alive superstars and more. Enjoy!

Q. What music are you listening to at the moment?


Hmm, not sure if this should go into the guilty pleasures question or not but at the moment Appetite for Destruction is pumping out of the car stereo. An album that I’ve considered awesome since the first time I heard it on tape way back in ’88 to now. I also have a chronic case of earworm that has had 'Needles and Pins' – Smokie on repeat and has done now for a few weeks….it could be worse (and has been)!

Q. Which five musicians (dead or alive) would you like to share some food and wine with?


This is such a hard question. I prefer to watch from afar and wouldn’t really care to talk to any of my musical loves but if I had to I would choose:

Jim Morrison – I know he was supposed to be a bit of a dick but I don’t care.
Shannon Hoon – His lyrics are so painful and beautiful at the same time.  I think he would have been a fairly complex person.
Anthony Kiedis – for no other reason than I loved Scar Tissue as it was the least boastful rock biog I’ve ever read.
Stevie Nicks – she’s crazy, right…might be interesting.
Slash – just because I love him and he’s technically in the dead AND alive box.

Q. What's your favourite music venue of all time, why and who did you see perform there?

Anywhere the sun is setting. I love live music outside. I love it best when the sun is going down.  It makes everything sound bigger and better combined with that feeling of summer days. I still to this day get a little flutter of butterflies when I see a summer sunset. I’ve seen heaps of bands at festivals but the bands that play as the sun sets really stick in my mind (kind of). Stand outs would have to be Chilli Peppers in 2000 and of course the amazing Janes Addiction in 2003 and who could forget Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds way back in 96.

My favourite inside venue would have to be the old Roxy/Arena which I’m told doesn’t exist anymore where I had the pleasure of seeing Porno for Pyros and Tea Party amongst others acts too amazing to remember.

Q. You've got an amazing taste in music, but there's got to be a couple of guilty pleasures you enjoy breaking out every now and then. What are they and why do you love them?

I’ve got a billion guilty pleasures. I love Neil Diamond, Hot August Nights, hell yeah! Beyonce, 'Crazy in Love,' yes please! Dr Hook, most of the 4KQ playlist…guilty as charged!!  I love all that old stuff because I’m fairly nostalgic when it comes to music but when it comes to catchy pop, sometimes it’s just too good to ignore!

Q. Why do you love music? 

I’ve just always been around it. Countdown and Sounds feature heavily in my childhood memories, as do images of my aunties sitting around with their friends listening to their latest album purchases in the very early 80’s. It’s like a soundtrack to your life and I just love it!

Thanks for stopping by Sam!! 

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