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10 and 1 - Albums Still To Be Released in 2012

The 10:

by Passion Pit (July 24, 2012)

MGMT may have a new album out in 2012, but it's their indie-electro contemporaries in Passion Pit that have me much more excited about their second album, Gossamer. We've already heard the first single 'Take A Walk' and its follow-up 'I'll Be Alright' and both fall under the 'must-listen' heading. I've got a sneaking suspicion that there'll be another ten songs on this album that we'll be putting in that category too.

by Bloc Party (August 21, 2012)

Didn't Bloc Party break-up due to the lamest fight in the world? Or, more accurately, didn't the rest of the group say they were recording new material without vocalist Kele Okereke because of his solo aspirations? Apparently not, because they've got their fourth album coming out in August and Kele is still fronting the group. What did they call their fourth album? Four. Urgh. Seriously guys, it's only been a year since Beyonce released 4. Don't let the numeric version fool you... they're pronounced the same (in your case with a British accent) and both are lacking in any shred of creativity. Accurate yet boring title aside, Bloc Party haven't disappointed with their first three albums and I'm thinking their fourth will continue this trend.  

by Cat Power (September 11, 2012)

Tweet #2: IT IS CALLED "SUN"

WHY DOES CAT POWER ONLY TYPE IN CAPS?!?! The correct answer is, because Cat Power can do whatever Cat Power wants. The tweets above are pretty much all we know about Power's ninth LP. We don't know what songs will be on it (there is a possibility that 'King Rides By' will make the cut, but who knows), we don't know if she's changed her style. It could be an album comprised of twelve power ballads and two country standards, but you know what? She'd still make it awesome. Cat Power can do whatever Cat Power wants because Cat Power does not let her fans down. Cat Power!

by The xx (September 11, 2012)

Since they won the Mercury Music Prize for their debut, many music fans have been nervously waiting for the make-or-break follow-up. I don't think any album in 2012 has expectations as high as those that xx fans have placed on Coexist. Here's hoping The xx take those expectations and blow them out of the water with one of the best albums of the year. Maybe even 'the' best album of the year. 

The 2nd Law
by Muse (September 17, 2012)

That last album wasn't that memorable, was it? A couple of the songs were pretty ace; 'Undisclosed Desires' and 'Resistance' come to mind. Ah, that's what it was called... The Resistance. Yeah, not that memorable. Muse are one of those bands that get people giving them the title of 'best band in the world.' I'm not convinced, but if they bounce back with their sixth album The 2nd Law? Nah... I'm still not calling them the best band in the world. I do love Muse though and I want them to give us a good 'ole Muse album. 

Push and Shove
by No Doubt (September 25, 2012)

Please, please, please... go back to the sound you had on your first two albums. Don't let the beautiful Gwen Stefani trick you into making her third superpop solo album, thus turning you into some warped female-fronted, 2012 sounding Maroon 5. You've been promising a new album for four years... make sure the wait was worth it. 

Theatre Is Evil
by Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra (September, 2012)

The most successful Kickstarter campaign ever was all it took to finally get the world to start paying attention to Amanda F**king Palmer. She's already shown she has some dedicated fans (I know Jo and I can't wait to get our CD's in the mail!) and now she's got a chance to make a whole lot more of them, while transforming the music industry in the process. In the words of Palmer herself, "f**k yes!"

Broke With Expensive Taste
by Azealia Banks (September, 2012)

Missy Elliott would have had this slot, but are we ever going to hear a new album from the Queen of Rap? It's been promised for soooo long and has pretty much lost any and all the buzz it had going for it three years ago. Azealia Banks on the other hand has all the buzz an emerging artist could ever hope for. Debut EP, 1991, was outstanding and her first full length album should be insanely good. 

by M.I.A (?, 2012)

It's not the most popular opinion, but I believe M.I.A has gotten better with each album release. Matangi is going to launch her back into the public consciousness and win her a whole host of critic's awards. That's my hit prediction for the year. Come on, 'Bad Girls' was bad ass! 

Battle Born
by The Killers (?, 2012)

Flowers, I'm giving you one chance to make up for the crime against humanity that was 'Human.' Don't screw it up. 

The 1:

Stampede of the Disco Elephants
by Limp Bizkit (Sadly, at some stage, 2012)

What a cute album name for these cool, alternative rock gods. Wait... no one thinks Limp Bizkit are cool, alternative rock gods? My bad. Will there be anything redeeming about this new album from Fred Durst? Other than naming it something better than Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water no. No there won't. 

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