Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Girl Power

Bardot: If peeing on dogs is cool, consider them Miles Davis.

by Jo Michelmore

In a conversation over lunch today, I found out that the Spice Girls launched a musical in London recently. It’s going to debut in London’s West End in December. That got me thinking about other girl groups. I wonder what it would be like to be in a girl group? I mean, if I was a Spice Girl, for example, which one would I be? If I was alive in the 60’s, would I rather have been Diana Ross or a Supreme? If I was in a girl group from the ‘80’s, would I rather be a Bangle or a Salt or Pepa? (Duh, Salt or Pepa, obviously. I’d even be that Spinderella one.) Wow, there have been so many great girl groups I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start in the 60’s.

The Supremes

Of course, the 60s had a bazillion* great girl groups. (*Not exact number.) You know, The Ronettes, The Shirelles, The Marvelettes (what was it with the ‘the’ in the 60s?) and of course, probably my personal favourite, The Supremes. That’s Diana Ross and The Supremes. They were the most commercially successful of all Motown acts and although their story was dramatic, involving all sorts of in fighting and out fighting and fighting fighting, who cares? They were amazing. Today, 50 years later and they sound as delicious now as I suppose they did then.

The Pointer Sisters

You know when Barack Obama was running for presidency of the US and he had that little catch phrase "yes we can?" You know where he got that from? A girl group. Yep. True. Let me introduce you to The Pointer Sisters. Their song 'Yes We Can Can' is the song I’m referring to, released in 1974. Lucky Barack took his phrase from them; imagine if he’d loved the Spice Girls? I can’t imagine he would have got elected on the, “tell me whatcha want what you really really want,” catchphrase. Then again, stranger things have happened, I suppose.

The Bangles

Which brings us to the 80s. So many great girl groups from the 80s, it’s hard to know which one to focus on. Let’s go with The Bangles, ‘cause they were awesome and I can’t be bothered remembering how to spell Bananarama. Hold on, is that it? Oh, whatever. The Bangles were formed in the early 80s, they sang one of my favourite 80s songs, ‘Manic Monday’ and one of my favourite 80s covers, ‘Hazy Shade Of Winter’ and unlike my other choices, they all actually play instruments as well as sing (amazing!) and they’re named after one of my favourite accessories. There’s nothing not to love here.

Spice Girls

Of course, that means we now visit the 90s, and since we’ve centred on so many girl groups from the U.S, let’s travel to the other side of the world and chat about everyone’s favourite English girl group. The Spice Girls. Posh, Sporty, Ginger, Baby, the other one, er, who was it? That’s right, Jenny Craig. Oh, sorry, I mean Scary. They were great, and whether you like to admit it or not, I bet you know all the lyrics to 'Wannabe,' or at least most of them, and probably four or five other songs as well.


Oh, I just can’t resist but include this group, because I’ve featured so many great girl groups, it seems only appropriate I balance it out a little. They can’t all be great can they? Readers in any country outside Australia will probably not know this group. Oh, how sad for you. Watch them for a giggle. They were kind of popular in Australia for about five minutes. Popular is a strong word. A couple of people knew who they were.

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