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10 and 1 - Who To See At Splendour In The Grass 2012

Lana Del Rey... yay or nay?

Oh, so you're going to Splendour are you? You are in for quite the long weekend! There's a whole bunch of amazing talent lined up to perform, ensuring that the festival's return to Byron Bay will be a huge success. You've gone out and bought some new clothes that look twenty years old, Instagram has been updated on your iPhone and JB Hi-Fi has been raided for classic Smashing Pumpkins albums (to take the awful taste of Billy Corgan's new one away). All that's left is to decide on who you're going to see. Want some recommendations? No? Well you're going to get them anyway. Here are ten acts we're saying you've just gotta see at Splendour In The Grass this year. As is the custom with '10 and 1,' I'll be throwing in one act you probably shouldn't waste your time on. Got it? Good.

THE 10:

Azealia Banks

Can the uber-vulgar/amazing spitfire rhymes of Azealia Banks translate to a successful Australian festival debut? We say yes... yes they can. Her live performance of '212' is guaranteed to be a Splendour highlight, with the crowd finally being able to sing along to a song that drops the c-bomb approximately seven thousand times. What you gon do when she appears? Go mental. 

Gypsy and The Cat

Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers wowed us with their singles 'Time To Wander' and 'Jona Vark,' hit it big on the JJJ Hottest 100 last year and then kept it fairly quiet for the rest of 2011. With a sophomore album reportedly on the way, expect to hear mind blowing new material from Gypsy and The Cat.

Lana Del Rey

It could go either way. Now I know that's not the best reason as to why you should go see the divisive Lana Del Rey, but hear me out. Either it will be incredible, a vocal wonder that leaves you walking away wanting more or it'll be tragic. If it leans towards tragic, an Australian crowd will be extremely unsympathetic. Seeing a crowd turn on an artist at Splendour would be surreal. As a big fan of the pouty-one, I think she's had the time to overcome any big performance nerves and she'll knock it out of the park. Either way, she promises to put on a show you won't forget. 


Who cares that she's played every single Australian festival in the last year (including Splendour In The Grass 2011)? No one. That's who. If you've seen Kimbra live you'll know that she will pull out all the stops to entertain her crowd. There will be cute dancing, there will be booming vocals and there will be the funnest backing back in the world today. Kimbra returns to Splendour with an Australia, UK and US #1 single to her name and a year's worth of international touring experience. She will be brilliant. 


You've got to see the iconic Australian bands like Spiderbait at festivals while you have the chance, because it's highly likely they won't be back again. They'll have you rocking out to old favourites like 'Calypso' and 'Buy Me A Pony.' Then they'll play 'Black Betty' and you can leave. 


It's Beth Ditto. She will sing her little heart out, you'll go crazy, she'll act all offensive, you won't be phased by it because you've already seen Azealia Banks. Gossip's 2012 LP, A Joyful Noise, hasn't made the impact it should have in Australia. Hopefully their performance at Splendour will garner it some more much deserved interest. 

Emma Louise

Not so sure? READ ME

The Medics

Looking for that up and coming Australian band that's going to make some noise by making their Splendour debut one to remember? The Medics are the band you're looking for.

Tame Imapla

Looking for that established Australian band that's going to blow your socks off the minute they hit the stage and will keep on leaving you in awe until the minute they stop? Tame Impala are the band you're looking for. Pack some extra socks.  

Jack White

 Well, duh. 

THE 1:


Yeah. No.

Hope you crazy kids have an excellent festival experience! Jo will be there, providing us with our second consecutive Splendour in the Grass text review! Hilarity will definitely ensue... especially when the Smashing Pumpkins take to the stage.        

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