Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Splendour Time Machine

by Jo Michelmore

Anyone who has read more than one or two things I have written should know, I love the music festival. Music, all day. Music, for 12 hours straight. I love music. I love live music. Therefore, me and the music festival get along just fine. Now, there’s only one more sleep until this year’s Splendour In The Grass. You know what that means? One more sleep until Jack White.


Oh sigh…..

....sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes, Splendour. The music festival. That’s right. Get yourself together Jo. That’s where I’m going this weekend to see the one and only handsome Jack White.

Oh Jack.

Jack. White.

Oh sigh….


….oh, sorry again. It’s just, Splendour. It’s Jack White. You expect me to concentrate?


Oh sigh….


Oh…..what? What was I saying? Yes, one more sleep until this year’s Splendour in the Grass gets underway. The music festival is an amazing day or numerous days. Lots and lots of bands, lots and lots of dancing, people in fabulous outfits, people in crazy outfits (bets on what the weird/silly outfit will be this year?!) and of course, even though we’ll be talking lots about this year’s Splendour in the next couple of days (the infamous itsmykindofscene text review to come), since it's Vintage Thursday, let’s play a little game I love to play. It’s the imaginary time machine game. Use the bathroom and grab some snacks, we’re going to hop in again and take my little time machine back to previous Splendours. We’re not going far so what you’re wearing is fine. Who would you like to go back and witness? Me? Let’s see….

Powderfinger: 2001, 2003, 2007

Well, it doesn’t matter if we set the date slightly off on my time machine, we’ve got a couple of chances to see them. Love them or hate them, Powderfinger were incredibly popular for a while there because they were great live. Really great. Let’s go back to the first Splendour and see them in 2001, where I’m sure they played a whole bunch of songs you forgot you knew but somehow remembered the words to sing along to when they were on stage. 2001, this is going to be fun.

Machine Gun Fellatio: 2002

MGF, I’m including you because you were so popular for 5 minutes, like, really popular, and I don’t actually remember ever seeing you live, but in the early 2000’s, people seemed to love you, didn’t they? I think I may even have liked you a little but just not enough to really remember. Oh well, let’s see you in 2002 and see if we can work out what all the fuss was.

Placebo: 2003

Placebo. Splendour. They’d just released Sleeping With Ghosts. You don’t want to come? Whatever. You’re not invited anyway. Get out.

PJ Harvey/Jurassic 5/Franz Ferdinand/Sneaky Sound System: 2004

What a good year 2004 was. We’ll stop here for a little while, so make yourself comfortable. A bit of rock, a bit of hip hop, a bit of pop, a bit of PJ. Something for everyone and time to grab a beverage in between. Don’t use the toilets though. I hear the line-ups were terrible this year. Hold on until 2006.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: 2006


Since they’ve been announced at next year’s Big Day Out, it seems right to see them in 2006, to see how far they’ve come since then. I’ll check them out while you get us a beverage, yeah yeah yeah, thanks.

The Polyphonic Spree: 2008

Let’s see the Polyphonic Spree next. Why? They were fun. Loads of fun. Lots and lots of them in their robes, swaying and singing away, this is a band made for the music festival. Probably at sunset or just after. I don’t know when they played in 2008, but I’m sure it was amazingly fun, regardless.

The Flaming Lips: 2009

Oh, you haven’t worked out how amazing The Flaming Lips are, live? Who are you? Where have you been living and why haven’t you been reading this blog? We’ve told you numerous times and you still doubt us? Wayne Coyne, giant balloons, balls floating through the crowd, lots of bouncing, paper confetti and a whole bunch of singing along. This is the ultimate music festival experience. So much fun, The Flaming Lips are a band you must put on your bucket list. Must. Do. In fact, they’re so good, once they play their first set, I may just get in the time machine and go back to the start and watch it again. And again. And again. You don’t want to? Ok, I’ll just drop you off at 2003, that’s fine. I’m staying here with Wayne and friends for a while. Then I'm heading forward to Friday night, to see Jack White. Numerous times.

Oh Jack.

Oh sigh....


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