Monday, 2 July 2012

New Music Monday #14

Heartbreak Hi
by Avec Sans

What is it with Avec Sans? Are they like the musical equivalent of Carmen Sandiego? Earlier this year this boy/girl duo from London first got our attention when we heard their incredible cover of Bon Iver's 'Perth' and now they return with their first original, 'Heartbreak Hi.' Still the duo remain somewhat of a mystery. With each release we get just a tiny bit more information and now I can tell you they are Alice Fox and Jack St James, but that’s about all they’ve given away. Who they are or where they’ve been is probably irrelevant though, as 'Heartbreak Hi' is three minutes of absolute delicious-ness. It's heavy on synthesisers with a beautiful vocal floating throughout and I’ve literally listened to this over and over and over since its release a couple of days ago. Perhaps next release they’ll give away a little bit more information about themselves but until then, there's a nice bit of internet hype about them and when they sound this good, we’re only too happy to join in and create some as well. If 'Avec Sans' translates from French to English as 'With Without', then we’ll take the 'with' please. Can’t wait to hear more.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Heartbreak Hi' five Bjork's out of five...

 Drunk In The Snow
by Ma Polaine's Great Decline
Drunk In The Snow by MaPolainesGreatDecline

Our favourite vaudeville, gypsy-jazz, blues, country, music hall, genre-bending/all-amazing band, Ma Polaine's Great Decline return with a recording of a brilliant new track, 'Drunk In The Snow.' There's been some changes since last we checked in on Ma Polaine's, with the welcome addition of a horn section bringing an exciting new element to the band's old-world sound. Thankfully some things haven't changed and I don't imagine they will. Beth Packer's voice on 'Drunk In The Snow' is perfection. If you've heard their EP, you wouldn't expect any less. The lyrics are top-notch and the band's warmth makes for a stark contrast against Packer's dark voice. Over on their Soundcloud page you can also listen to another new song, 'Your Perfect World,' as well as some reworkings of older tracks (including an even more entrancing recording of 'No Words We Need'), so head on over there to enjoy their full catalogue.

Matt Bond gives 'Drunk In The Snow' five Jackson's out five...


National Anthem
by Lana Del Rey
Album: Born to Die (2012)

See, when you go to music festivals, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which artist you are going to have to miss out on in order to grab a beverage and some food or other essentials. Luckily for me, at Splendour In The Grass later this year, Lana Del Rey has made that decision incredibly easy. Here’s 7 minutes and 40 seconds of visuals which should explain why I’ll spend her set somewhere much more interesting, in the line for the toilets. Thanks Lana! Splendour is going to be awesome!

Jo Michelmore gives the 'National Anthem' video one Dannii Minogue out of five...

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