Monday, 23 July 2012

New Music Monday #17

Iggy Azalea: The new face of rap?

Murda Bizness
by Iggy Azalea ft. T.I

I'm sorry... what? Here we have a 22 year old gurl from Mullumbimby, New South Wales that's spitting rhymes like she's E-V-E or something. Confused? So am I. It's weird to think that when, um, Iggy actually speaks there's a higher chance she sounds like Missy Higgins than Lil' Kim. But she probably puts on a supa-fly American accent. "Iggy do it biggie, tell 'em keep sending bottles, Imma pop 50, these other bitches think they hot? Not really, She a broke ho, that's how you know she not with me, keep my heels on high, ride or die, 7-60 L, I ride and fly, I'm the guys honest truth, they decide the lie, they just divide the legs, I divide the pie." I'm sorry... what? I never thought I'd say this, but here it goes; "Ke$ha is not the worst female rapper in the game." Expect hell to freeze over any second now. 

Matt Bond gives 'Murda Bizness' two Lil' Kim's out of five...   

by The Wicked
Album: Never Trust the Dead (2012) 

The Wicked - Elevator by SwitchBitch Records

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you combined The Hush Sound with The Dresden Dolls, your long search is over. Introducing Boston's gypsy-punk duo, The Wicked. 'Elevator' is the first single to be released from their debut LP, Never Trust the Dead and it makes quite the impression. Janele Mystique's sweet voice creates a nice juxtaposition placed alongside the darker pop-punk sounds created by Nick Janowicz and the band. Their polished sound serves them well in avoiding too many comparisons to Boston's other famous dark-duo, The Dresden Dolls. There's similarities for sure; female vocalist on keys, guitar/percussion combo and they're multi-instrumentalists, but that's about it. Their sound is completely different, awesome in its own way and leaning way more in the direction of pop than their cabaret inspired contemporaries. 'Elevator' is a great introduction and I'm sure their debut will go a lot further in cementing their status as one new band to keep your eyes and ears on.

Matt Bond gives 'Elevator' three Karen O's out of five...

16 and Unstoppable
by Christina Parie

I know for a fact that not all 16 year olds are this dull. Such a shame only the annoying ones get record deals and make hideously boring music clips. Uuurgh.

Jo Michelmore gives '16 and Unstoppable' one Dannii Minogue out of five...


Summertime Sadness
by Lana Del Rey

Oh, another Lana clip? They all look the same and they’re beginning to make me wonder how unattractive she really must be if every single one has to be shot in soft focus. Boring. Well, if she’s not going to any effort then I shan’t either. Copy and paste from my last Lana review….

See, when you go to music festivals, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which artist you are going to have to miss out on in order to grab a beverage and some food or other essentials. Luckily for me, at Splendour In The Grass next weekend, Lana Del Rey has made that decision incredibly easy. Here’s another 4 minutes and 43 seconds of visuals which should explain why I’ll spend her set somewhere much more interesting, in the line for the toilets. Thanks Lana! Splendour is going to be awesome! (Matt - as an interesting side note, Jo will be required to review Lana Del Rey at Splendour In The Grass)

Jo Michelmore gives the 'Summertime Sadness' video one Germaine Greer out of five...  

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