Sunday, 15 July 2012

New To The Scene - Bankrupt Billionaires

It's about time we brought 'New To The Scene' back to the blog. "It's been so long since you've done one. Remind us again of the concept?" you ask. What is it? It's only that super special time of the week where we look at an incredibly exciting, emerging and entertaining solo artist or band, generally of a local persuasion. By local, I mean they're usually from Brisbane, Australia; the home of awesome new music. Without further ado, let's meet this week's feature artist; Bankrupt Billionaires!


Recently while having a chat with my sister Sam (the uber-talented creator behind Jetta's Nest) about local music, she told me to go home and listen to this band called Bankrupt Billionaires. She promised a song about zombies and quality music. She didn't lie. Bankrupt Billionaires' track 'Daze of the Dead' is full of zombies, vampires, werewolves, witches and the enticing sounds of soulful vocalist, Kel On Earth and banging beats provided by producers The Optimen. Watching the video for the first time was equal parts disbelief and astonishment. Is this for real? Heck yes it is... and it's awesome. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at someone dressed as a witch without screaming, "witches, bitches with wands!" Such a simple rhyme can bring joy to the hearts of many. Kel On Earth is a) a fantastic name for a front woman, b) a satisfying mix of Lily Allen attitude and Joss Stone-ish vocals and c) a refreshing change from the current standard of Australian female artists. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Blasko-Louise-Throsby-Seltmann-Blackman-Higgins-Mitchell-Heidke-Stone's out there too, but what Kel Timmons has grabs your attention because it's almost unique. How many soulful vocalists (read: not R&B) are we hearing at the moment that are coming out of Australia? No, Kimbra doesn't count. Yes, she's amazing. No, she's not Australian. Clairy Browne is about as close as you'll get. 'Daze of the Dead' could have been a joke song that you easily tired of, but the strength of Timmons' voice has you coming back for more.

This of course leads to the hunt for more of their music. Search results: they've got a self-titled EP that was released in January! It's a lot of fun, another debut to add to my collection of stellar 2012 EP's. 'Vainglory' is a track with a sound reminiscent of the aforementioned Clairy Browne and her Bangin' Rackettes and the more upbeat Winehouse numbers. The seventh and final track 'Hold Me Down' is a standout; it's a soulful slow jam! You're looking for some hip hop soul to listen to on these cold winter nights? For $5, you're not going to find anything better than the Bankrupt Billionaires EP. Head on over to their Bandcamp page... now! You'll find their latest and best track over on the Bankrupt Billionaire's JJJ Unearthed page. Titled 'Shut Your Face,' you find yourself riding the 60s girl-group wave, complete with "ooh-oohs" and the sweet backing vocals encouraging you to "shut your face." In case you can't tell, I'm a fan of these guys and I want to hear a whole lot more. Eg. I'll be on the lookout for the Bankrupt Billionaires' debut LP. Bankrupt Billionaires, welcome to the scene! 

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