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Who Do You Think You Are - Rayna Mishra

Meet the beautiful Rayna... and some random dude from some random band she loves. Where you hidin' B-Fan?

Wednesday's 'Who Do You Think You Are' is back once more and sitting in the hot seat this week is the lovely Rayna Mishra! With questions ranging from great Australian artists to hypothetical futuristic inventions (things are getting out of control), Rayna provided fantastic answers which you can read below. We especially loved her response to why she loves music. Enough chit-chat, let's get to the... chit-chat... with Rayna!


Q. With the year now more than half gone, what have been your favourite songs of 2012 so far?

Rayna: I wish I could reel off a number of tres cool songs that have come out in 2012 but first I should disclaim that, in an unconscious effort to be anti-hipster, I seem to like things AFTER they’ve been cool. So forgive me if these aren’t very new but I’ve been loving Rudimental’s 'Feel the Love,' Labrinth’s 'Earthquake' (Busta Rhymes version, of course), David Guetta, Lana Del Rey’s album and I am unashamed to say, a couple of Voice singles such as Karise Eden’s audition 'It’s a Man’s World' and 'Stay With Me.' Yep.

Q. What are your music guilty pleasures and why do you love them?

*groan* Ok, let they who be without sin, cast the first stone. For I have sinned. I would say that my guilty pleasure would include a little bit of Chris Brown’s recent stuff (over the past couple of years), old PCD, Rihanna, last year’s Nicki Minaj and I even liked Lady Gaga’s 'You and I.' As for why - I don’t usually go for the ‘every-genre-blend-of-pop’ kind of thing that gets the majority of airplay these days…but I do love to dance. Oh Jeebus but I do. And you can’t dance to meaningful lyrics. 

Q. Who are your favourite vocalists? 

Hmm, tough. I was a pretty avid ‘Finger fan and am still so I’ll go Bernard Fanning for his earlier years to early 2000s. And for the same reason, Eddie Vedder. The talent and meaningful lyrics aside, they manage to convey just that right amount of passion for their songs that makes you want to throw away your day job and go be a freaking rock star. Because rock stars make a difference.

Admit it... you think you're awesome at singing Adele songs.

Adele has a stunning voice and has such a tremendous emotional impact, you cant help but feel like she’s your soul singing (if unlike me, your soul could sing). Dont tell me you haven’t belted out ‘Someone Like You’ at least once in your life!

I’ve also recently discovered Lana Del Rey (yes, recently) and we’ve all recently discovered Karise Eden. Loving it. I don’t often come across many female crooners and these ladies make me feel like I was born in the wrong era. Though Rebecca Black also does that for all the wrong reasons. 

Q. Finish this sentence; I love music because...

It gets me.  

Q. Who are the greatest Australian artists of all time?

Oooooh, controversial. AC/DC. But as mentioned, I love my Powderfinger. 

Q. In 2017, a machine has been invented that follows you around and plays the soundtrack of your life. What music are you going to select to play when:

i) You're in the middle of one of those crazy montages where you're trying on heaps of clothes and your friends are shaking their heads to everything and then you find the perfect outfit and they're like, "YES!"
- Nelly – 'Hot in Herre'…duh.


ii) You're consoling a friend because their relationship has just ended.
- Tracy Bonham – 'Whether You Fall' 

iii) Amazing action scene complete with car chase and explosions!
- A dirty dirty mix up of The Vines’ 'Get Free' and 'Ride' and Powderfinger’s 'On My Mind.'

iv) You get your happy ending.
- Savage Garden – 'Truly Madly Deeply.'

PS - Awesome! Now THAT"S a future worth looking forward to! Bring on 2017!

Heck yes we want that invention too! Thanks for stopping by Rayna and thanks for the great answers. Admitting that you like Chris Brown is no easy feat. Want to play the 'Who Do You Think You Are' game? All you have to do is be one of our beautiful Facebook likers and you could be next! But how do I do that? Go to our Facebook site of course! 

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